Who was 'Mother God' Amy Carlson? Decayed corpse of 'Love Has Won' cult leader found in Colorado, group arrested

Who was 'Mother God' Amy Carlson? Decayed corpse of 'Love Has Won' cult leader found in Colorado, group arrested
Amy Carlson, 45, whose followers call her 'Mother God', was found dead in Colorado (YouTube screenshot/ Love Has Won)

KAUAI, COLORADO: Described as a bizarre spiritual cult group, the leader of 'Love Has Won' was found dead in Colorado. The remains were extremely decayed and an investigation into the same resulted in the arrest of the group members. The remains were found in a mobile home in Casada Park, west of Crestone. 

The police found the body after receiving a tip from a member who had revealed that the body of the woman, who is a self-proclaimed “divine being”, was transported to Colorado from across the country. The connection between the leader's death and the group in Colorado was first reported by Be Scofield. This group that had quarantined in Kauai has been labeled as a cult by a law enforcement officer. They claim however that they are a religion. 


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A source close to the case also revealed that the group, during the investigation, would not refer to their dead leader as deceased but claimed that she was "out of communication". 

Who was Amy Carlson aka 'Mother God'?

'Mother God' is what the group addressed their leader as and her actual name is Amy Carlson. She was 49 years old and it was her sister Chelsea Ann Reninger who confirmed her death on her Facebook page. She wrote, "For those of you that knew my sister Amy, I wanted to let you know we found out yesterday of her passing! Please pray for us and the people involved in this awful situation. We are choosing to remember who she was when she was in our lives on a regular basis and not who she became from this manipulating cult!”

A screenshot from a video posted on Love Has Won channel. (YouTube)

The mobile home where the remains of Carlson were found is the group's headquarters, informed Saguache County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Royce Brubacher to Daily Beast. A source was quoted in the report as saying Carlson seemed to be dead for weeks, and that her dead body might have been transported from Oregon. It was also stated that the body was in a condition that did allow officials to identify the remains using fingerprints. However, witnesses reportedly confirmed the identity of the dead body. During a “Daily Energy Event Update", which is an online live event that the group conducts, they did not mention anything regarding the death of their leader on Friday, April 30. Later, when asked for a comment regarding their leader, all they asked was "what are your intentions love?" and refused to comment on the same. 

A week ago, the group also claimed that their leader was "in stasis" and had refused medical intervention. When she was alive, she was featured in a documentary by VICE, and in this Carlson claimed that she had been trying to help humanity for the past 19 billion years. A former member who left the group five years ago, Andrew Profaci said of Carlson, "She thinks she is the Earth in a human body. She thinks she’s the Mother of all Creation." He claimed that he joined the group when he needed a spiritual reset after his best friend died in an accident, and after joining he became the “Father God” to Carlson “as the other half of the Mother God. The two beings who created the universe.” Profaci also said, "I doted on her and tended to her every need. She drank ten shots of vodka a night. When she would drink at night she would lose her cognitive abilities. She would fall and walk into walls." On the cult's website Carlson claimed that she was on her “534th reincarnation in my quest to recover my beloved Planet, the Center of the Universe, and the first Planet I created.”

Members of Love Has Won group on their weekly live event. (YouTube)

Saguache County Coroner Tom Perrin said that there was no sign of foul play at the moment, and he added that "It’s possible that this woman was taking colloidal silver." It will be weeks before the autopsy reports and toxicology reports come out. 

Who were arrested? 

Seven members of the group were brought into the Rio Grande County jail at 1:30 a.m on April 29, Thursday, in connection with the death. The seven members are being held in separate cells, informed Rio Grande Sheriff Sergeant Jared Quintanos.

Ryan Kramer, John Robertson, Jason Castillo, and Obdulia Franco Gonzalez were being held on $50,000 bonds each with two counts of child abuse, and one count of tampering with deceased human remains. The child abuse charge was filed as officers reported that there were two children, aged 13 and 2, inside the home. The 13-year-old was taken into the care of family services. In addition to this, Christopher Royer and Sarah Rudolph were being held for two counts of child abuse and abuse of a corpse on a $2,000 bond. Karin Raymond was being held on two counts child abuse, abuse of a corpse, and false imprisonment on a bond of $5,000. 

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