Who is Matthew Dolloff's ex-girlfriend? Pinkerton guard who shot navy vet dubbed ‘anti-Trump’, ‘never violent’

Dolloff's girlfriend insisted he 'isn't Antifa or associated with BLM', she remembers him 'as a good guy who would go out of his way to help someone in need'

                            Who is Matthew Dolloff's ex-girlfriend? Pinkerton guard who shot navy vet dubbed ‘anti-Trump’, ‘never violent’
Matthew Dolloff (Denver Police Department)

Private security guard Matthew Dolloff was arrested in the shooting death of navy veteran Lee Keltner on Saturday, October 10, following a clash between far-right and far-left activists during a protest rally in downtown Denver's Civic Center Park. Now, Dolloff's ex-girlfriend has also reacted to his arrest and sharing her shock at the news of his involvement in the fatal shooting 

Dolloff's ex-girlfriend spoke to DailyMail exclusively on Tuesday, October 13, where she shared her several details about their time together. The ex-girlfriend, who asked to remain unidentified, dated Dolloff right out of high school from 2010 to 2013. During that time, both of them were heavily involved in Occupy Denver, which is the local branch of Occupy Wall Street and spent nearly two years protesting against economic inequality, she said.  

After the two broke, they weren't in touch and she hadn't thought about him in years before this weekend when the 30-year-old Dolloff made headlines nationwide after he shot dead Keltner outside Denver's Civic Center, where pro-police Patriot Muster supporters faced off with Black Lives Matter and Antifa counter-protesters. 

''Matt isn't Antifa or associated with BLM," she stated to DailyMail. ''He shares a lot of of the same views and yes, was heavily involved with Occupy Denver/Wall Street but hasn't, from my knowledge been involved in any activism for the last five-plus years," she added.

''I can't really speak on who he is today, but if he's anything like the Matt I remember, he really is a good guy who would go out of his way to help someone in need. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I can't defend his actions on Saturday, but he's not a bad guy," she said. She also denied rumors that a tattoo on Dolloff's wrist was related to Antifa. She said it was her cousin who gave Dolloff the tattoo when they were dating, and that the black symbol was a logo for a music company he worked for called 'sub.mission'.

Dolloff's ex-girlfriend said that the pair got involved in Occupy Denver in the movement's early days in 2011 and continued turning out for events over the next two years. ''We were there pretty much all the time,'' she said.  Dolloff remained actively engaged in politics years later, according to posts on his Facebook page. 

On October 10, a clash between far-right and far-left activists took place in downtown Denver's Civic Center Park. But soon the protest went wrong when Dolloff gunned down Keltner. A dramatic video of the incident also went viral on the Internet, where the man can be seen being shot. It was also captured in a series of 71 images by a Denver Post photographer, which showed Keltner slapping Dolloff and deploying a stream of mace into his face before the guard lifted his handgun and fired, sending the protester staggering backward. Dolloff was hired by the Pinkerton Agency, later, it was identified that he was hired by the agency without a security license.

Dolloff's ex-girlfriend refused to speculate on the details of the shooting but said: ''He never had been known to be violent. It's weird seeing the whole country have an opinion on him, when I actually know him and who he is as a person."

Public records reviewed by DailyMail show that Dolloff has been involved in small livestock and honey-making business called Lavender Moon Farm since 2014. Dolloff lives full-time at the farm in Elizabeth, Colorado, according to neighbors who spoke to FOX31. In photos on Dolloff's Facebook page and a page for Lavender Moon, Dolloff is seen tending to various animals alongside a woman who his ex-girlfriend confirmed is his wife.   

Dolloff's Facebook profile also included dozens of political posts dating back to 2011 in which Dolloff, a registered Democrat, railed against Republicans including President Trump and Texas Sen Ted Cruz and urged his followers to vote for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential primary race.  He also posted several photos from Occupy Denver gatherings in 2011 and 2012. In one photo from the latter year, he is seen raising his fist above a crowd while holding a folded American flag and wearing a pin that reads: 'We are the 99%.'In June of that year, he shared a screenshot of Trump in a CNN interview, captioning it: "F*** this guy."

A few weeks later, he shared the following encounter: "Ran into a Trump supporter with a Trump Button on their shirt. Told them i like their "im a racist" button. They had nothing to say. #f***trump [sic]."In January 2017, days after Trump took office Dolloff wrote: "Let me get this straight, the executive branch is not listening to the judicial branch, so there are no more checks and balances. Fascist dictatorship now??" Later that year he posted a YouTube link entitled: "Utah nurse screams as she's cuffed by cop for refusing to draw blood on the patient.' In the caption, Dolloff wrote: 'FTP,' which stands for 'F*** the police."