Who is Madison Cawthorn's fiancée Cristina Bayardelle? A look at his love life amid sexual assault allegations

Who is Madison Cawthorn's fiancée Cristina Bayardelle? A look at his love life amid sexual assault allegations
Cristina Bayardelle (L) with Madison Cawthorn (R) (Instagram/Cristina Bayardelle)

A shocking report on February 26 revealed that Republican Congressman from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn had allegedly harassed multiple women during his college days. BuzzFeed News reports that the young and suave politician was reportedly 'aggressive, misogynistic or predatory' towards women in his college and sexually harassed many former students. 

The allegations resurfaced after the publication spoke to more than 30 people, including former students and their friends, who corroborated young Republican representative's repeated behavior of sexual misconduct. The 25-year-old politician is currently engaged to Cristina Bayardelle since 2019. 


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Who is Cristina Bayardelle?

Cristina, 26, is a fitness model and instructor, athlete, personal trainer and entrepreneur as well. She primarily represents the CrossFit fitness company. In an Instagram post from June 13, 2020, Cawthorn mentioned that Cristina is studying to be an anesthesiologist and that she is extremely studious and hard-working. 


Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in September 1994, Cristina belongs to a devoted Christian family of White Caucasian ethnicity. Her father manages a farm while her mother Cristina Negron is a professional horse rider. Cristina attended the Archbishop McCarthy High School and later did her graduation from Florida International University. After college, she decided to pursue a full-time career in fitness. 


Cawthorn proposed to Cristina in December 2019 and shared their engagement news on Instagram on December 29, 2019. 


Cawthorn and Cristina's relationship

Though the couple is yet to announce a wedding date, their relationship is seemingly going smooth and perfect, as evident from their social media posts together. In a June 2020 interview with Stephanie Hamill from Daily Caller, Cawthorn shared about his first meeting with Cristina and how the duo fell in love. 




Cawthorn was tricked into a blind date with Cristina by Captain Todd, an American Army captain whom Cawthorn met on an unscheduled trip to Russia. Todd convinced Cawthorn for the blind date saying it was a fitness contest where he needed to partake in pull-up competitions and other activities. But when Cawthorn arrived at the venue in Miami, he saw Cristina standing there looking beautiful. 

Cawthorn added that the two have been in a 'magical relationship' ever since then and have been quite inseparable. However, now with Cawthorn's sexual harassment scandal, it remains to be seen how his fiancée responds. 

BuzzFeed News sent Cawthorn a detailed list of allegations. His communications director, Micah Bock, did not respond to the specific allegations but instead referred BuzzFeed News to remarks the young Republican had made during a campaign debate in September: “I have never done anything sexually inappropriate in my life,” Cawthorn had said.

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