'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 7 on Bravo: Who is Kyle Viljoen? New second stew was born in South Africa

'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 7 on Bravo: Who is Kyle Viljoen? New second stew was born in South Africa
Kyle Viljoen is set to appear on 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 7 on Bravo (Instagram/@kylethebold)

Season 7 of 'Below Deck Mediterranean' is premiering on July 11, and with Captain Sandy Yawn leading a nearly all-new crew, here's what Below Deck viewers must know about the new second Stew Kyle Viljoen. Kyle, formerly from South Africa but now based in New York, is the soul of any party.

The cast includes the comeback of fan-favorite Deckhand Mzi "Zee" Dempers and Captain Sandy, who will work aboard the superyacht Home as it cruises along the coast of Malta. Other newcomers include Jason Gaskell (Deckhand), Storm Smith (Deckhand), Raygan Tyler (Bosun), Natalya Scudder (Third Stew), Dave White (Chef), and Natasha Webb (Chief Stew). The 'Below Deck' franchise is well-known for depicting what it's like to work aboard a yacht and the dramatic drama that may accompany it. The teaser for 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 7 reveals that the upcoming season will be similar to previous seasons. Kyle appears to be a major character in 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 7, and here's all you need to know about him.


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Who is Kyle Viljoen?

Kyle, like Mzi from 'Below Deck Mediterranean,' was born and raised in South Africa. Kyle's LinkedIn profile claims that after graduating from high school in 2010, he earned a Bachelor of Education from the University of Pretoria in 2014. His Instagram page reveals that he relocated to New York City in 2021 after living in Miami for a few years. He claims to have lived in three countries and has visited over 50 countries. Kyle's passion for travel was fostered by his work as an aircraft attendant, and while he has returned to South Africa on occasion, the forthcoming 'Below Deck Mediterranean' star is always on the road.

Kyle, a Piscean, turned 30 on February 21. Although he was unable to spend his birthday with his family, he joyfully birthday greeting from his parents on Instagram. "Look at these two! My parents! Mom and Dad, married 31 years and are my constant example to strive more, fight harder and love unconditionally!" Kyle wrote. "Happy 30 years to me, I have never been more thankful."


Fans of 'Below Deck Mediterranean' may follow Kyle on Instagram at @kylethebold, where he has a small following of 2,044 as of July 2022. When Kyle isn't working, the 'Below Deck Mediterranean' star likes to post images from his adventures around the world, which have taken him to the Bahamas, France, Italy, and Costa Rica. Kyle, a proud LGBTQIA+ member, has also posted multiple images with his boyfriend online. Two weeks after moving to his new apartment in New York, he met Zachary and their dog. Zachary was previously unknown to Kyle and has now become an important part of his life. He announced on Instagram in January 2022 that he and his partner are finally moving in together. In the post, he also expressed his gratitude to Zachary. While the couple's most recent photo was shared in March, Kyle's partner is tagged in an early June posting.



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Kyle can be seen kissing an anonymous charter passenger while saying, "I've never had flings with guests before," in addition to Home colliding with a buoy and terrifyingly sliding sideways. While Kyle is expected to forge a connection aboard the superyacht, it appears that he will also clash with Natalya, who is becoming closer to 'Below Deck Mediterranean' deckhand Storm. Even though Natalya's job is labeled as a third stew, another video shows Kyle's coworker instructing, "You are a second stew. I am a second stew. You are also responsible." Whatever Kyle's relationship status is, fans must keep a look-out for the South African native's rich heritage and adventurous demeanor when 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 7 premieres in July.

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