'Big Brother' Season 24 on CBS: Kyle Capener called out by fans for being a Trump supporter

'Big Brother' Season 24 on CBS: Kyle Capener called out by fans for being a Trump supporter
Kyle Capener (pictured) to appear on CBS' 'Big Brother' Season 24 (Instagram/@kylecapener)

The 'Big Brother' houseguests this season vary from a Vegas performer to a hypnotherapist, and even a bus driver. However, Kyle Capener, a self-proclaimed unemployed social media star, has been called out on Twitter for his political leaning just hours after the cast was unveiled.

Beginning Wednesday night, 16 new 'Big Brother' houseguests will move into the mid-century Palm Springs-inspired "BB Motel" for Season 24 of the show. Julie Chen will host a live move-in during the 90-minute debut on CBS. It will also be accessible for live and on-demand streaming on Paramount+, where the 24/7 live broadcast will also be available. 'Big Brother' is produced for Fly on the Wall Entertainment by Rich Meehan and Allison Grodner in collaboration with Endemol Shine North America.


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Who is Kyle Capener?

Kyle is a 29-year-old unemployed man from Bountiful, Utah. Despite being unemployed, he has a sizable following on TikTok, with 19M likes and 537.2K followers. Additionally, he has 91K Instagram followers. He also has a 1.46K subscriber YouTube account, where he routinely posts YouTube videos. In 2021, he revealed to his followers that he was working for a tech company, Podium under Tesla. He seems to be close to his mother, Jaime Capener since he frequently posts content featuring her.

He moved to Australia from Utah for six months in 2019. This happened after his father returned from Afghanistan. He also has a sister and seems to get along well with all of his family members. He also has a cat, Ivan.


Why is Kyle called out on social media?

After CBS announced the Season 24 roster, fans rushed to scrutinize each of the contestants. Most fans were offended by images and posts implying Kyle to be a Trump supporter. Viewers band together to get Kyle replaced immediately. A fan, making fun of the situation, wrote: "Kyle being canceled in less than an hour from the cast being released for being a Trump stan is hilarious to me. #BB24."


In addition to his political allegiance, he was called out for cultural appropriation. A fan shared a video where he can be seen called out by a Caucasian woman for cultural appropriation. In the same video, he can also be seen angrily tormenting a young Christian lady. The Twitter thread read: "Kyle being called out for Cultural Appropriation by a Caucasian woman #bb24."


Fans demand Kyle's eviction after discovering inappropriate content shared by him in the past. As one fan put it: "In conclusion, I call on cbs to expel Kyle from the big brother house immediately, their silence is deafening #bb24."


In the midst of escalating tensions in the country over gun control regulations, an Instagram photo of him posing with a gun has also piqued the interest of viewers. A fan tweeted: "So Kyle is a Trumpster who likes guns. Nope. Production can’t help but cast bigots. (And don’t try to tell me not to pre-judge and to wait and see. He’s a Trumpster who likes guns. No way he isn’t a bigot.) #bb24."


Another pic of him liking posts of people wishing Donald Trump on his birthday also surfaced. Fans speculate that ahead of the Season premiere the network must have made Kyle unfollow the ex-president due to his unpopularity. A fan claimed: "they made Kyle unfollow Trump for the show #bb24."


Fans accuse him of being a Musk fanboy due to his prior Tesla employment and his admiration for Musk on social media. They wrote: "Everyone is dragging Kyle for being Trumpie Trash. Valid. Justified. We can’t let him get away with being Trumpie Trash and an E*on fanboy too. Despicable. #bb24."


Season 24 of 'Big Brother' starts on Wednesday, July 6, at 8 pm ET, followed by the premiere of 'The Challenge: USA.'

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