Who is Chris D'Elia's girlfriend Kristin Taylor? Comedian allegedly had sex with a minor and 'demanded nudes'

The unidentified minor is reportedly suing comedian Chris D'Elia for breaking federal child sexual exploitation and child pornography laws

                            Who is Chris D'Elia's girlfriend Kristin Taylor? Comedian allegedly had sex with a minor and 'demanded nudes'
Chris D'Elia and his reported girlfriend and baby mama Kristin Taylor (Screengrab/YouTube)

Chris D'Elia's allegations of sexual harassment have a new development with a woman slapping a lawsuit against the comedian. The lawsuit claimed that D'Elia said "hot" when she revealed her age while they had sex in Connecticut. The Jane Doe is now reportedly suing him for breaking federal child sexual exploitation and child pornography laws. The age of consent in Connecticut is 16.

The two of them reportedly started talking in 2014 when she was 17 over social media when the victim said he demanded nudes of her. A copy of the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, also stated he invited her to his hotel room before one of his shows and the two of them had sex. She also claimed D'Elia "demanded eye contact" during sex. The latest allegation is sure to have the world talking about the comedian's future with his girlfriend and baby mama, Kristin Taylor.


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Who is Kristin Taylor?

Although D'Elia keeps his private life a secret, some major sleuthing from his fans saw details of his love life revealed slowly. According to Your Tango, the 40-year-old is reportedly dating Kristin Taylor, a stop-motion animator for Hi Big Dog Media, a company she founded herself.

The site also added a bit more about Taylor by quoting her bio from the company's official site that read: "I am a stop-motion animator, and the creator of HI BIG DOG Media." Taylor writes in the bio: "Born and raised in North Carolina, I made a quick stop in the heartland to earn my Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri. It was here that I met and adopted my angel dog, Cooper, who is the inspiration behind this media group."

Prior to the allegations, D'Elia maintained that he did have a partner, but preferred to call her "my lady" instead of using her name. Photos of the couple are a rarity, but the site has said fans pieced together some info to draw a conclusion on D'Elia's girlfriend. Here's a collage of the couple posted by a fan on Twitter.



In one of the episodes of his podcast, D'Elia broke the news of becoming a dad. "I've gotta tell you something, dude. I'm having a ... we're havin' a baby," he said. "That's right. Now I don't share this a lot — I don't share my personal life a lot. Dude, your boy's having a ... baby. Does it make me nervous to talk about it? Yes, because, you know, that's real life. And it's not just me bullshitting and making fart noises."

The spotlight and speculation are now on Taylor and how she's reacted to these allegations. It is unclear if things are all good between the duo, but according to TMZ, his spokesperson said: "Chris denies these allegations and will vigorously defend himself against them in court."

Quite recently, D'Elia got emotional when he addressed the allegations mounted on him. Only time will tell how he will deal with the latest lawsuit, which among other claims, also alleged that he asked the 17-year-old to share pornographic videos of her having sex with other boys.

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