Who is Josh Hawley? Here's why Jon Favreau's slamming him and the Internet calling him 'stupid'

Jon Favreau slammed Hawley, calling him out and saying that Hawley is  'counting on racial and cultural resentment'

                            Who is Josh Hawley? Here's why Jon Favreau's slamming him and the Internet calling him 'stupid'
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Senator Josh Hawley slammed the liberals and accused them of "loving race theory" and for "selling out" Americans. Referring to an August article on Fox News, Hawley tried to explain what he said to writer Tim Miller who had tweeted: "Pre-Election: Biden will appoint Marxists and must be stopped. Post-Election: Biden is appointing corporate liberals, I wish he'd break the mold. #[email protected]" Hawley retweeted it and wrote, "Let me explain this to you. Corporate liberals are woke capitalists. The corporatists love critical race theory and all the other warmed-over Marxist garbage. They sell out working Americans and sneer at them at the same time. That’s the New Left." 

In his interview, Hawley had said: "The Marxist left, let’s just call it what it is ... is essentially in control of the Democratic Party. These are people that say America is structurally oppressive, structurally racist and structurally evil. Joe Biden is absolutely in thrall to them. This is why he can’t condemn what we’re seeing ... the assault on law-abiding Americans."




In no time, podcaster and American political commentator, Jon Favreau slammed Hawley, calling him out and saying that Hawley is  "counting on racial and cultural resentment." Favreau slammed Hawley and wrote, "Let me explain Josh Hawley to you: he’s an Ivy League plutocrat who’s counting on racial and cultural resentment to disguise his plan to cut taxes for the rich, cut regulations for corporations, and cuts health care and education for working-class Americans of all races."



Who is Josh Hawley?

Born on December 31, 1979, Joshua David Hawley is a native of small-town Lexington, Missouri in rural Lafayette County. He graduated from Rockhurst High School in Kansas City. After graduating from Stanford University in 2002 and Yale Law School in 2006, he moved back home to mid-Missouri with his wife, Erin, where they started a family. They are parents to two young boys, Elijah and Blaise.

Before becoming Attorney General of Missouri, Hawley was an associate professor at the University of Missouri Law School and worked as an appellate litigator. 40-year-old Hawley is the youngest current US senator, he serves on the Senate Committees on the Judiciary; Armed Services; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and the Special Committee on Aging. In 2018, he made news when he stood up against the big Intenet giants when he launched investigations into the most powerful companies in the world - Google and Facebook - to protect Missourians, their data and the First Amendment.

Social media reaction

Along with Favreau, some people on social media were also not in agreement with Hawley's explanation. One Internet user called Hawley, "stupid" and said, "You cannot be a “capitalist” or “corporatist” and a Marxist. I used to think you were disingenuous. Now it’s very clear you’re just plain stupid." Economist David Rothschild replied to Hawley's tweet and wrote, "Word-salad aside: 4 core Republicans goals (in order) (1) ensure inter-generational wealth & power of Trump Family (2) tax cuts for rich (3) eliminate regulations on owners that restrict pollution & promote safety/wages of workers (4) kick 30+ million off any healthcare insurance."

Podcast host Tommy Vietor further accused him and wrote, "You are certainly an expert at taking money from billionaires and corporations!" Another one said, "“Let me explain this to you” followed by a meaningless world salad comprised of ideas and concepts that do not exist."









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