Who is Ann Marie's friend? R&B singer arrested for 'accidentally' shooting Jonathan Wright in the head

The injured man was able to respond to questions from the police and was immediately transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he has been said to be in a critical condition

                            Who is Ann Marie's friend? R&B singer arrested for 'accidentally' shooting Jonathan Wright in the head
Ann Marie (YouTube)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: R&B artist Ann Marie has been arrested for allegedly shooting her childhood friend in the head, which she later ‘defended’ stating that the ‘gun’ fell. The Chicago based hip-hop artist Ann Marie, real name Joann Marie was reportedly arrested in Atlanta, Georgia on December 1 after police responded to a call from a Buckhead hotel. 

According to a report, Ann Marie was staying in Intercontinental Buckhead Hotel on Peachtree Road where the shooting took place. The police responded to a call from the hotel at 6.25 pm and upon reaching the location, found a man with a gun-shot wound on the head. The injured man, identified as Jonathan Sandillo Wright by the Atlanta police, was able to respond to questions and immediately got transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he has been said to be in a critical condition, reports AJC.

The police report identified the woman at the ‘scene’ to be singer Ann Marie and the police officer who responded to the call has said that the singer was found shouting hysterically when the shooting happened and she had to be removed from the scene. Later, she told another police officer that “a gun fell off of a table in the hotel room which caused the gun to go off hitting the victim”, the police report states. Police said they located two shell casings inside the room. “A projectile was also found by the bathroom door on the carpet and one in the bathroom tub,” the report indicated. “There was one bullet hole in the door jam, and also one in the cabinet top right corner in the bathroom.”

The ‘Secret’ singer kept asking the police officers if the injured man is alive or dead, the report said. She later told another police officer that the victim and ‘Drip’ singer grew up together and they were visiting Chicago together from Atlanta.

Marie has been charged with two felonies — aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a firearm, Fulton Co records state. According to the ‘public’ court aka Twitter, Ann Marie shot her boyfriend because he was found cheating on her. A user wrote, “Ann Marie shot her boyfriend in the head for cheating & y’all birds really justifying it, making jokes etc. at the end of the day that shit ain’t never that serious to try and take a mf life. She should’ve been left before it ever got that far CLEARLY.” The user added, “I know love will really have you out here doing crazy shit. I know how serious heartbreak can be & that pain you feel be real asf. Still aint a reason to attempt murder.” Another defended the singer stating, “This whole post is wrong. It was not her boyfriend it’s her best friend and it was an accident the gun was falling off the table and the safety wasn’t on.” To which a user noted, “The official police report says they found two bullet casings in two different locations of the room it would’ve only been one bullet if it just fell.” Another said, “Ann marie is the perfect example of why you do not play with people’s hearts! You gone play with the wrong one & boom you done got shot. If you not on the same page as somebody LEAVE THEM ALONE.”












Another report claims that the man injured was Ann Marie’s ‘Side dude’ as she has another boyfriend. 

Currently, Marie was reportedly working on a project with Drake. The singer’s single ‘Secret’ remains her big break in the music industry which garnered 50 million views on YouTube and peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart.

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