Who is Jasmin Vo? Twitch streamer says she was groped while live streaming and viewers blamed her for it

Jasmine Vo was sexually harassed during a live stream but many of her viewers gave her the stick for it and said ‘you brought this upon yourself'

                            Who is Jasmin Vo? Twitch streamer says she was groped while live streaming and viewers blamed her for it
Jasmine Vo was groped while live streaming on Twitch (Screw The Fracking Rules/ YouTube)

A Twitch streamer had a horrific experience in Osaka, Japan, in September last year as she was groped while live streaming. When she tried to talk about the issue, not only was her viewers' response harsh but she also feared that Twitch would ban her from the platform. Jasmine Vo was sexually harassed during a live stream and in a recent interview with Vice, the content creator said her viewers blamed her for the incident.

Vo, also known as IMJASMINE on Twitch, live-streamed videos of her shopping, eating and also having a fun time interacting with the locals. The videos of her trip were uploaded on YouTube in December last year on a channel called 'Screw The Fracking Rules', according to The Daily Dot. 


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Who is Jasmin Vo?

With over 190,000 followers on Twitch, where she streams her life events, Vo is a content creator who garnered flak and made headlines for being a victim of groping. The incident occurred in Osaka when an unknown stranger popped up in one of her streams. After saying hello, he starts patting her back, and while Vo tried to stay calm and ward off the stranger, he attempted to get close to her. According to the site, Vo said, “No, stop. I'm sorry. ... No," but it was futile. 

You can watch the video here.


The man continued to harass Vo by touching her thighs and even attempting to place his head on her shoulder, while the Vlogger could be seen saying: "Stop, man. Stop touching me, man. No no." By then, the comments from people watching the video were all asking Vo to leave the place. While she prepared to leave, the man groped her breast. Talking to Vice, Vo spoke about how women felt unsafe on the platform. "I was so overwhelmed… I was afraid that I would get backlash, or that Twitch would ban me,” she said.

She also added: "There’d, unfortunately, be comments about how ‘You deserve this,’ ‘You’re wearing certain clothing,’ or ‘You brought this upon yourself.’ I would get so many comments like that." One of her viewers even told the site: "Maybe it would be better for her if she didn’t wear those kinds of clothes to help deter those types of people."

At the time of writing, the video had at least 22,000 viewers and around 176 comments. Some of them were all sympathetic. "Regardless of how careful she is and regardless of what she wears, it is not her fault. It’s all his fault like wtff stop blaming her for something that she can’t control. That guy deserves to get bitchslapped," one of the comments read on YouTube. "She’s lucky she was live I would hate to think what would happen if she wasn’t honestly that donation possibly saved her, that guy is sick," another read.

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