'The Bachelorette' on ABC: Who is James Clarke? 'Meatball enthusiast' was originally part of Season 16 ensemble

'The Bachelorette' on ABC: Who is James Clarke? 'Meatball enthusiast' was originally part of Season 16 ensemble
James Clarke is a contestant on 'The Bachelorette' (Instagram/jamesmclarke5)

Season 19 of 'The Bachelorette' will premiere on Monday, July 11, 2022, at 8 pm ET, with 32 eligible men competing for the hearts of the two bachelorettes, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. This season's suitors include James Clarke of Winnetka, Illinois.

There is usually one 'Bachelorette' contender that sticks out amid the swarm of eligible bachelors in a room full of CEOs, trainers, and builders. No, it's neither the acrobat nor the crypto expert. In the new season, Gabby and Rachel meet James Clarke, a 25-year-old guy whose job is one of the franchise's strangest — and maybe most tasty — ever. As thrilled as fans are for Gabby and Rachel to find love, each season of 'The Bachelorette' is only as wonderful as its cast, and James is sure to have people talking. Here's all we know about James and his time on 'The Bachelorette.'


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Who is James Clarke?

James Clarke of Winnetka, Illinois is one of the Season 19 suitors. He's charming with dimples and a great LeBron James fan, and he's about to make his reality TV debut with 'The Bachelorette.' He is eager to meet his future spouse and present her to his family. Only time will tell if he survives until the end and if he does, with whom he will end up.

James is a so-called "charmer." The native of Illinois hopes to bring somebody special and introduce her to his large Italian family. The 'Bachelorette' contestant aspires to discover someone who cares about him as much as he cares about her. James is seeking a "relationship with undeniable chemistry" and wants to meet his closest friend with whom he can spend the rest of his life throughout the series. He also intends to have six children with his future bride, so she should be "ready and excited for the nonstop thrill ride that is parenthood." He appreciates his family the most and wishes to make a good contribution to it.

James was supposed to make his series debut as a cast member during Clare Crawley's season. Nevertheless, as the pandemic delay ended and production resumed, he did not make the final cut. He is now pursuing a master's degree in business administration at DePaul University, according to his LinkedIn page. 'The Bachelorette' candidate has a small social media following. However, it is anticipated to rise following his debut, depending on how he does with the two women and on the series during the summer. He appears to be an outdoorsy person who enjoys fishing, boating, and skiing based on his social media accounts.

James also took part in Blackout Tuesday, a campaign that encouraged people to demonstrate their support for the battle to abolish prejudice. Several Bachelor Nation relationships have already ended due to political disagreements, so it will be fascinating to see whether this has an influence this season.

James has basketball abilities that go beyond what is displayed on social media. Even though the contestant played guard for the Spring Hill University Badgers in Mobile, Alabama, and despite his biography on 'The Bachelorette' claiming him to be a major LeBron James admirer, James was a star player for the club, ending as the sixth-leading scorer in school history and earning MVP and All-Conference honors during his junior and senior years. He played some Euro League basketball in Spain because he was so skilled. His favorite TV program is 'True Detective,' and his interests include playing the guitar and listening to John Mayer, according to his team profile, which also notes his love of meatballs.


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What does James do?

In the history of a franchise that has included participants with some genuinely bizarre careers, James has one of the stranges ones. James gives a hint about his work in his official ABC profile by stating his Italian ancestry before getting right to the point in the "Fun Facts" section. Nothing makes James happier, according to his profile, "than a plate of piping hot meatballs." It remains to be seen how Rachel and Gabby will deal with James' obsession with sphered flesh. But given that James mentioned "meatball aficionado" as his line of work, viewers would probably see a response from the bachelorettes. Gabby and Rachel have been there for one another after a difficult breakup in 'The Bachelor's' previous season. Now, the pair will set out on a quest to discover love and a future husband. Don't forget to watch the two-hour premiere debut, hosted by Jesse Palmer, on Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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