Who is Gracie McGraw? Daughter of country singer Tim McGraw sports thongs to flaunt curves on stripper pole

The 23 year old posted a video of herself performing on a stripper pole, encouraging others to be proud of their bodies

                            Who is Gracie McGraw? Daughter of country singer Tim McGraw sports thongs to flaunt curves on stripper pole
Tim and Gracie McGraw (Getty Images)

Gracie McGraw, daughter of country music duo Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, has drawn a lot of attention after releasing a video of herself wearing a thong while performing on a stripper pole. The video on her Instagram page has garnered over 15,000 views, as Gracie McGraw celebrates body positivity with the video.

Gracie McGraw, 23, is the oldest daughter of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. She is the older sister to Maggie and Audrey McGraw. Gracie moved to Los Angeles recently to pursue an acting career. She has inherited her parents' great singing voices. Gracie is known for having performed with her father Tim McGraw in 2015, joining him on stage at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, where the two performed 'Here Tonight.' That's not Gracie's only public performance, however, as she also led an all-female alt-rock group known as Tingo.

The video that Gracie shared to her Instagram page sees her twirling around a stripper pole wearing nothing but a white top and a black thong. "This is for ME! Im strengthening and taking my body back," she writes, on her Instagram post. "This makes me feel POWERFUL AND ABLE. I honestly never thought I’d be able to hold myself up so this is a big win for me. I’m proud of myself. This is the best workout for body and mind. I feel in charge and like a freaking boss. I think this is called a sit and I’m probably doing it wrong but I’m learning! If you judge womxn for using THEIR own bodies to do what they want, then you suck."

Gracie McGraw has over 17 thousand followers on her Instagram page, where she shares images of herself in the hopes of fostering body positivity. In October, she posted a close-up video of herself in a bikini, emphasizing different parts of her body to talk about her struggle to accept herself. "I’ve hated these parts of my body ever since I can remember....and some of the time I still wish they looked different BUT we are constantly learning to love and evolve," she wrote. "I wanted to post this as a reminder to me and to anyone who needs it that those bad feelings will pass. Sometimes it’s fucking hard but I honestly have always believed that if life isn’t hard then you aren’t really getting anything out of it. Every body is beautiful! Rolls are sexy! Hip dips rule!! Remember to laugh or smile today and think of something you enjoy about yourself. You deserve it!!"

Her fans are behind these posts, cheering their support of her. "You go girl!!! Awesome job. Does not look easy," one of her fans commented on her post. "Beautiful and you go girl," writes another. "Damnnnnnn teach me your ways," writes a third.

Gracie took the time to remind her fans that she's not just a beauty on the pole, however, posting a video of herself singing 'Don't Rain on My Parade' from 'Funny Girl' on the same day, writing, "Sorry for posting twice today but get you a girl who can do both. This is and always will be my dream role."

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