Who was Conzuelo 'Nicole' Solorio-Romero? Utah woman fatally shot for 'knowing too much' about criminal activity

Her sister said she was a good person and was working to kick a drug habit

                            Who was Conzuelo 'Nicole' Solorio-Romero? Utah woman fatally shot for 'knowing too much' about criminal activity
Conzuelo 'Nicole' Solorio-Romero was 25 years old (FeliciaKSL/Twitter)

KEARNS, UTAH: A 25-year-old woman, who was abducted from her Utah home on February 6 and fatally shot, was allegedly killed by men who believed she helped put their associate behind bars, new charging documents show. Conzuelo 'Nicole' Solorio-Romero was forcibly taken from her home in Kearns and forced into a green 2010 four-door Toyota Camry on a busy street in broad daylight, surveillance footage showed. Her assaulters accused her of giving information to police about one of their "close associates". Her body is yet to be found.

Witnesses told police that she was taken at gunpoint or knifepoint outside her home, WUTV reports. Her sister, Jessica Romero-McDonald, talked to her just before she was taken from her home. "She was crying, she was scared," she told KSL TV, adding that three men were threatening her with a gun and to get out of the house. Orlando Esiesa Tobar, 29, from Honduras, who goes by the moniker 'Chaparro', and Jorge Rafael Medina-Reyes, 21, believed to be from Venezuela, who goes by the moniker 'Moreno', were charged in 3rd District Court with aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping and obstructing justice, all first-degree felonies.


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Who was Conzuelo 'Nicole' Solorio-Romero?

Jessica says Nicole has spent the last five to six years in the Kearns and West Valley City area, according to a report by KUTV. She added that her sister has been working to kick a drug habit and may have known questionable people that could be involved.

Jessica said her sister had taken cosmetology classes for a while and was a good person. “My sister, she’s really spunky, she’s very loving, she’s very caring person. She’s the type of person that would share her last dollar, she would give you her last dollar,” McDonald said to KSLTV, adding that the sisters, who were only 11 months apartm were like best friends.

Charging documents state that Solorio-Romero “had sent a friend a video message stating there were two males with guns making her leave her residence.” The men took Solorio-Romero to a residence near 1130 West and 2600 South and brought her into the house at knifepoint, according to the charges, and then into a studio apartment within the residence, where the men asked her if she talked to the police.

The information had allegedly resulted in one of Tobar's close associates, who was arrested by US marshals in a drug investigation, according to police. Nicole denied talking to police and told one of the witnesses that her husband hadn’t committed suicide, as she believed, but was in fact murdered by Reyes and Tobar. Reyes said she knew too much and Moreno then shot her fatally in the back of the head.

Witnesses said her body was wrapped in plastic bags and loaded into the back of a landscape truck. They never saw her again, and a third party, known only as ‘the Mechanic’, disposed Nicole’s body. Tobar then "forced one of the witnesses into the apartment to clean up Nicole’s blood,” according to the court documents, as reported by Deseret News.

Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake said Tuesday that the death of Solorio-Romero’s husband is not considered to be suspicious. 

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