Who is Christina Anstead dating? A look at 'Christina On The Coast' star's past relationships and love life

Who is Christina Anstead dating? A look at 'Christina On The Coast' star's past relationships and love life
Christina Anstead, Tarek El Moussa, Ant Anstead (Instagram)

Real estate investor and TV personality Christina Anstead was previously married to her now ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. The two ran a rather successful real-estate agency, known as Tarek and Christians: The El Moussa Group, along with their partner Pete De Best. The trio went about flipping houses and ran a successful business until the 2008 market crash.

In 2011 Tarek had a friend film him flipping a house from start to end. They sent it into HGTV and thus their journey began in 2012 when HGTV signed them on. And before we knew it, 'Flip Or Flop' took over our screen in 2013. Ever since then, the highly publicized couple has had their fair share of ups and downs, ultimately resulting in them filing for divorce. But the story isn't exactly that simple, there happens to be a lot of moving parts to this story.



Christina and Tarek were married for 10 years

Christina Meursinge Haack and Tarek both happened to be working in real estate right out of college. Incidentally, during the time they met, Tarek was already dating someone else. The couple officially started dating on October 9, 2006, as Christina told GoodHouseKeeping.com during an interview. The couple went on to get married in 2009 and had their daughter in 2010. While 2013 saw the launch of 'Flip Or Flop', it was also the year Tarek was diagnosed with cancer, which was overall a very difficult time for the couple. Tarek defeated cancer and the couple had their second child in 2015. However, the couple ended up splitting in 2016, with Tarek filing for divorce shortly after in 2017 due to irreconcilable differences.


Gary Anderson

In 2015, when their marriage was already on the rocks, the couple hired Gary Anderson to carry out construction work on their pool. Tarek was not okay with Christina's growing interest in Gary. The miscommunication between the couple is what led to the incident where Tarek allegedly left the house with a gun, although he went on to clear the air regarding that soon enough, according to today.com. However, by then, the damage was done. When the couple split in 2017, Christina revealed that she was dating Gary, a fact that did not sit with Tarek well.

Dating Nate Thompson and Doug Spedding

After her breakup with Gary, Christina dated Nate Thompson of the Anaheim Ducks. But this relationship started as soon as it ended. With regards to Doug, Christina dated him very briefly before she met Tarek. The two reconnected a year after her divorce. Nothing came out of the relationship though, seeing that Doug checked into rehab for addiction, reports Yahoo Entertainment.

Marriage with Ant Anstead in 2018


Ant, who is the host of 'Wheelers Dealers', has two kids of his own, with ex-wife Louise Herbert. Ant and Christina tied the knot in December 2018. In March 2019, Christina Anstead was pregnant with the couple's first child. However, only a year later, the couple went on to announce that they'd be filing for divorce. She went on to do so in November this year, while she continued to film 'Flip Or Flop' with Tarek. Currently, she seemed to be focusing on her multiple shows and co-parenting her kids. But could a romance be on the cards? By the looks of it, not anytime soon, at least!

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