Who is Caroline Rose Giuliani? Rudy’s daughter endorses Biden-Harris to end ‘Trump’s reign of terror’

Who is Caroline Rose Giuliani? Rudy’s daughter endorses Biden-Harris to end ‘Trump’s reign of terror’
Caroline, Rudy Guiliani (Getty Images)

President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph W Giuliani, popularly referred to as Rudy Giuliani, made headlines when it was revealed that US intelligence agencies reportedly warned the White House about his alleged contact with Russian intelligence during a December 2018 trip to Ukraine, according to The Washington Post. 

And now, Rudy’s daughter has spoken against her father in an essay to Vanity Fair, where she has called him a “polarizing mayor who became the president’s personal bulldog,” while urging people to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the November 3 elections.

Who is Caroline Rose Giuliani?

Caroline Rose Giuliani is the daughter of Rudy and his second wife Donna Hanover. She’s an actor, director and writer originally from New York City. Caroline graduated from Harvard University, with majors in Film Production. She began her career by working as a personal assistant for television series such as  ABC's '666 Park Avenue', 'Trophy Wife', and HBO's 'Hello Ladies'. She has also worked as the Director Jennifer Kaytin’s assistant for the Netflix film ‘Someone Great’ and has been serving as a full-time actor, director and writer since.

Caroline’s political views

Caroline who currently lives in Los Angeles has been a supporter of the Democratic party, even though her father is a staunch Republican. She has openly spoken about endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016 and voting for Barack Obama in 2012. 

In her essay to Vanity Fair, she has expressed that from a very young age, she engaged in debates with her father regarding LGBTQ+ rights, policies and other socio-political issues. Caroline writes, “It was disheartening to feel how little power I had to change his mind, no matter how logical and above-my-pay-grade my arguments were. He always found a way to justify his party line, whatever it was at the time. Even though he was considered socially moderate for a Republican back in the day, we still often butted heads.”

She has further noted that her father would often fire back at her “with an intensity fit for an opposing politician rather than one’s child” when she spoke about him not supporting gay marriages. “We are multiverses apart, politically and otherwise.” she says. 

Throughout the essay, Caroline has stated that the purpose of her writing wasn’t to “complain or criticize”, but to shed light on Trump’s “toxic administration”

Caroline has stated, “Trump and his enablers have used his presidency to stoke the injustice that already permeated our society, taking it to dramatically new, Bond-villain heights.” Drawing attention to Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, she adds, “Women, immigrants, people with disabilities, and people of color are all also under attack by Trump’s inhumane policies—and by his judicial appointments, including, probably, Amy Coney Barrett”

Furthermore, Caroline says that it has “taken persistence and nerve” to find vice in politics, which she’s now using to “fight to end Donald Trump’s reign of terror.”

Extending her support to the former vice president and his VP pick Harris, Caroline notes, “What inspires me most about Vice President Biden is that he is not afraid to surround himself with people who disagree with him. Choosing Senator Harris, who challenged him in the primary, speaks volumes about what an inclusive president he will be.”

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