BTS win Entertainer of the Year, fans troll stylist for ruining cover with Suga's wrinkled pants and Jin's suit

BTS was awarded TIME's Entertainer of the Year title for 2020 and the seven-member band shot for the cover of the magazine in suits but their attire failed to impress fans

                            BTS win Entertainer of the Year, fans troll stylist for ruining cover with Suga's wrinkled pants and Jin's suit
BTS (Getty Images)

BTS is easily the biggest pop band in the world with their many albums, collaborations, and recently their first-ever English song 'Dynamite'. In a year when the world came down to its knees due to the pandemic, BTS members RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung, J-Hope deepened their connection with their fanbase by organizing virtual concerts, meetups and releasing new songs.

So part of winning the title of Entertainer of the Year is to shoot for the Time magazine's cover and the seven members of the band went with a chic look with suits in different styles that fit each member.

While fans did not notice anything wrong initially, many noticed how Suga's outfit and Jin's outfit were not well-fitted. Jin's suit seemed oversized, Suga's pants were wrinkled and not hemmed at the bottom, Taehyung's shoes were too big and so were those of Jimin, alleged fans who said that this was an oversight by the stylist who dressed the idols.

BTS fans, otherwise known as the ARMY, figured out who the stylist for the shoot was and flocked to the stylist's Instagram account to troll, complain and even request that the idols be styled right. Not only Korean fans, even international fans also noticed that the styling was below par.


K-pop fans also translated the comments that were left on the stylists' handle on Instagram. One fan wrote, "If you don't have the skill, leave it to other designers. You can't help but compare this to the stylists of other companies. At the very least, take care of the clothing. It looks wrinkled." This was clearly made in reference to Suga's outfit.

Another fan complained, "I hope you listen to Jin's wish to wear clothes that fit his frame better. Isn't it the most professional thing to do to take into account the artist's body frame and personal preference?" Many fans also shared screenshots of the comments on the online community and this led to more complaints. Most of the comments seemed to be about how Jin's personal opinion was not being respected.

Fans berated the stylist for not listening to the idol who had many a time before reportedly spoke about wanting to be seen in well-fitted clothes. Not all comments were mean or hate-filled because many had also requested the stylist to pay better attention. One comment for instance read, "Are you Seokjin's stylist? If yes, please give Seokjin better outfits. He is the visual of the group. I cried looking at him in that magazine cover."

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