Who is Axl Rose's ex-wife? Singer pays 'November Rain' tribute to Lisa Marie Presley

Who is Axl Rose's ex-wife? Singer pays 'November Rain' tribute to Lisa Marie Presley
Axl Rose (R) speaks at the public memorial for Lisa Marie Presley before performing 'November Rain', a song reportedly inspired by his troubled relationship with Erin Everly (L)(Guns N' Roses Central/YouTube, Jason Kempin and Kevin Winter/Getty Image)

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE: Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose paid tribute to the late Lisa Marie Presley, who died on January 12 after suffering an apparent cardiac arrest, with a performance at her memorial on Sunday, January 22, at Graceland, Tennessee. The 60-year-old musician said, "I didn't really know I was going to speak or anything. I still feel like I don't know that I deserve to be here, but I wanted to try to do right by her and her family and her fans. So it meant a lot, but I was pretty nervous and emotional up there."


According to ET Online, before performing, Rose took to the stage and said, "I'm sure many of you are still in shock as I feel. I'll continue to be for quite some time. I feel like I'm supposed to be texting her like right now saying, 'I'm here,' telling her how wonderful everyone is. I never in a million years imagined singing here, especially under these circumstances. This is truly devastating."


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He added, "I do know Lisa loved her family very much and was fiercely protective of her father and his legacy -- both her love for him and his love for her. She was extremely proud as anyone could ever be of her father and his many accomplishments, his place in music and American and world history." He performed a solo rendition of Guns N’ Roses' 'November Rain', one of the most iconic rock videos of all time, at the memorial service, which included additional tributes by Sarah Ferguson, Alanis Morissette and more.



'November Rain'

The 1992 release had Rose's girlfriend, Stephanie Seymour, as the main female protagonist. Rose and Seymour met on the set of the music video and started dating. According to an article by Bazaar in 2014, Seymour recalled her time in the videos, saying that she styled herself for her appearance and would like to get the dress back. She added, "Getting involved with Axl Rose? Clearly a mistake. It taught me a lot, though. He was a violent person, and I realized I never wanted to be around that again. The thrill of the whole rock 'n' roll thing wore off. I saw the worst of that world and it soured me."



Who is Axl Rose's ex-wife?

According to New Music World, Rose met his wife, Erin Everly, in 1986, when they both attended a party. She was living in New York at the time but as their relationship grew, she moved to LA. They dated for four years and got married in April 1990 in Las Vegas. However, Rose wanted to annul the marriage just two days later. But Everly was pregnant and wanted to continue. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage just four months later and 10 months after their marriage, they decided to get divorced. As per My Rock Mixtapes, 'November Rain' was inspired by Rose’s troubled relationship with Everly. 

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