Who is Amir Yass? Male publicist alleges Michael B Jordan made a move on him and was 'flirtatious'

The former Hollywood publicist said that Jordan tried to kiss him when he was working as a house assistant for the actor

                             Who is Amir Yass? Male publicist alleges Michael B Jordan made a move on him and was 'flirtatious'
Michael B Jordan (Getty Images)

Former Hollywood publicist Amir Yass, who has worked with many celebrities such as Jenniffer Lopez and the Kardashians, has said that actor Michael B Jordan allegedly made a move on him when he was working for the star. Amir made this startling revelation in a sitdown with Juicy Scoop’s Heather McDonald and said that Jordan tried to "kiss" him while he was working as a house assistant with him.

This was posted in an Instagram post on August 13 captioned: "PressPlay: Amir Yass, who worked with different celebs as a TV publicist alleges MichaelBJordan made a move on him while he was working as his house assistant." In the interview taken by actress-comedian McDonald, Amir narrated the incident, "He’d walk around his house and I was the house assistant at that time, so I was helping him move and he’d walk around in boxers and no shirt." Amir alleged that Michael was extremely flirtatious. "He’d flirt with me, he’d flirt with everyone in the office – he just flirted with the wall – he was such a flirt."

He revealed how they both had a moment while he was in his closet. "I was in his closet and he was just like… he was like… 'are we gonna kiss?'" After raising some eyebrows, Amir went on to clarify that absolutely "nothing happened" between him and Jordan and added that he is not there on the show to "out anyone". But he went on to say that "there was a vibe between us that goes beyond sexuality" as reported in The Shaderoom. Before we draw any conclusion from this conversation, here’s what we know about Amir Yass.

Michael B Jordan participates in the Hollywood talent agencies march to support Black Lives Matter protests on June 6, 2020, in Beverly Hills, California (Getty Images)

The ‘Queer Persian Queen’

Amir is now a podcaster and has his own video channel. He likes to introduce himself as "Queer Persian Queen" and supports queer safe places. His hilarious podcasts range from 'The Take On interviewing Queer Eye OG Jai Rodriguez’ to ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Mayhem Miller’ and Eureka O’Hara. He is very social media friendly and often does Instagram sessions under the banner ‘Questions with Amir’ where he has interviewed celebs from 'Married to Medicine', ‘Below Duck’, ‘Real Housewives’ and ‘Family Karma’. The list goes also has ‘Shahs of Sunset’ and ‘Million Dollar Listing’. He has also interviewed queer celebrities such as Carson Kressley and Jason Carter.

A history of shocking claims

The social media mogul has a legacy of slamming people in a casually frolic way. He has previously slammed ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ stars Erika Jayne and Lisa Vanderpump. He dissed Erika in a TikTok video in May calling her a "motherf***ing nightmare" who tried to get him fired. He also called Vanderpump a “f**king nightmare".

According to Reality Blurb, he said Vanderpump had someone "carrying around her f***ing dogs" and he also said that she "refused to stay longer than 15 minutes at an event that was for her." He has also claimed that 'Watch What Happens' host Andy Cohen had raised hell on a flight and was having a "breakdown" as the flight was not leaving on time. The publicist seems to have an opinion on many celebrities. While he was bashing 'RHOBH' ladies, he applauded 'Vanderpump Rules' stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz for being “super nice” and “super gracious” and described Scheana Shay as “fabulous”.

Unapologetically funny

The publicist is known for trolling people while nailing it with a carefree attitude. After calling Erika Jayne a “nightmare” in his TikTok video, Jayne’s publicist emailed Amir. Amir then went on to share this mail on his Instagram post and even ridiculed it, unapologetically captioning it: "I’m. Not. A. LIAR." He said with sassy overtones, "Just because you don’t like them, don’t mean they’re lies. Just want to make that very clear!"

TikTok influencer

Amir rose to fame for his TikTok videos. With over 55,000 followers and a whole chain of exclusive products made on his popular influencer image, Amir is a dazzling personality and a business guy too. His merchandise includes products made exclusively by him that are inspired by his “Corny-Ass Celebs” viral TikTok videos. This includes cups, hats and statement hoodies.

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