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Who is Alton Brown’s wife Elizabeth Ingram? Her ‘hippie-vibe' couldn’t stop his 'flippant reference' to Holocaust

Brown and Ingram first met in 2016 when she went to have one of her copies of ‘EveryDayCook’ signed by the star chef
UPDATED NOV 12, 2020
Alton Brown (Getty Images), Elizabeth Ingram (
Alton Brown (Getty Images), Elizabeth Ingram (

The ‘Good Eats’ fame Alton Brown has yet again become the center of discussion on social media after sharing a sensitive tweet that seems to have jangled quite a few nerves. The Food Network star who had garnered a lot of attention for his pre-election tweets took to the platform on November 11 to apologize for the “flippant reference” he made to the Holocaust in his previous tweet. 

On November 10, he shared a tweet, “Do you think the camp uniforms will be striped, like the ones at Auschwitz or will be paid in vogue?” The post soon came to be criticized and was eventually deleted. But, social media users had already seen it before its disappearance and thus started circulating screenshots of it on Twitter, which only made it worse for Brown as people began slamming him for his “full-blown anti-semitic” opinion and more. 

When it was clear that the deleted tweet had agitated one too many, he issued an apology with another tweet saying, “I apologize for the flippant reference I made to the Holocaust in my tweet last night. It was not a reference I made for humorous effect but rather to reflect how deeply frightened I am for our country. It was a very poor use of judgment and in poor taste.”


He was previously criticized for expressing his views about the GOP and sharing that he had voted Republican for “most of my life.” He further said, “I consider myself a conservative” in the tweets that have since been deleted. 

While we couldn’t tell what are Brown’s intentions with the tweets, his behavior on social media has turned heads, with many wondering if he’s alright. While Brown, who is married to Elizabeth Ingram, had told in an interview that his wife's "hippie-vibe" has a calming effect on him. However, Ingram hasn’t gotten been involved in Brown’s Twitter gaffe.  

Who is Elizabeth Ingram and how did she meet Alton Brown? 

Elizabeth Ingram is a restaurant and residential designer based in Atlanta. She is known to have had over 25 years of experience in the restaurant, bar and residential design industry. According to Ingram’s official website, she is skilled in creating spaces that “eclectically transcend time, Ingram uses upholstery, custom lighting and furniture design to compose bespoke, textural and visually rich spaces for her clients – each project divulging its own mood and telling its own unique story.”

Brown and Ingram first met in 2016 when she went to have one of her copies of ‘EveryDayCook’ signed by the star chef. Brown was on the lookout for a designer at the time to work on his Georgia office and sought her help. Ingram ended up renovating Brown’s apartment that they now live in. they began collaborating for more projects and romance sparked between them. They tied the knot on September 29.