Who is AJ Allmendinger’s wife Tara Meador? NASCAR Cup race winner's wife is Mrs North Carolina

Who is AJ Allmendinger’s wife Tara Meador? NASCAR Cup race winner's wife is Mrs North Carolina
AJ Allmendinger and his wife Tara (Sean Gardner/Getty Images and Instagram/@mrs.allmendinger)

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA: AJ Allmendinger won the NASCAR Cup race -- his second career NASCAR Cup Series -- at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, August 15. Denny Hamlin was leading the race on the final restart with two laps to go before being hit from behind by Chase Briscoe in Turn 10, just before Briscoe was supposed to serve a penalty for running off-course earlier in the lap. Instead of winning, Hamlin finished 23rd and Briscoe, 26th. As the two cars derailed, Allmendinger moved up from third place to take the lead.

"At that point in time, I was going for the win," Briscoe said following the race. "I wanted to beat him fair and square. I've never wrecked anybody on purpose in my life." Hamlin, who accepted that it was not intentional, said, "It's obvious that if you cut the race track and you're in the lead, you're gonna have a penalty. I don't think he did it maliciously, but it was just bad judgment."


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“I mean, it was survival of the fittest,” Allmendinger said. “We probably had like an eighth, 10th-place car, sped on pit road. I thought we were going to finish 12th to 15th and then those restarts were just insane. It’s great when you have a car owner that just says, ‘go get me trophies.’ He doesn’t care if that thing is torn up.”

Who is AJ Allmendinger’s wife?

The racer’s wife Tara Allmendinger (née Meador) was crowned as Mrs. North Carolina in 2021. As per reports, she has also competed in the Mrs. America Pageant. She is the racer’s second wife. He was married to Lynne Kushnirenko for seven years -- the couple filed for a divorce in 2012. Allmendinger and Tara reportedly began dating in 2015. The pair got married in 2019. 

On her website, Tara wrote, “I haven't always looked and felt the way I appear today. Years of stomach pain, depression, fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, anxiety, etc. kept me from living my best life. It took major lifestyle changes, doing my research, and ultimately trusting my gut. My years of struggling with food and environmental allergies shaped my lifestyle. By embracing the process of personal development, I have been able to find the light and fight within myself; a path to peace in my mind, body, and soul.”


She further said, “For me pageants and bikini fitness competitions are vehicles for self-improvement. I give myself permission, space, and time to develop my survival skills. If the past year has taught me anything, upping my survival skills on all levels is definitely a goal to work on daily. The payout is a healthier mind, and therefore a body, and soul- a state of optimal capability and survivability.”

“Sharing my struggles and tools to overcome them with others,” she said, “has inspired me to show up in a variety of ways. It has become a superpower for me to help others heal and bridge the gap between want and do. I think of myself as a Wellness Warrior. Using my own wellness journey, I inspire personal victories and self-fulfillment.”

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