Who is Ellie-Jean Coffey? Professional surfer and younger sister join porn industry to find 'safe space'

The ex-surfer said there is 'no judgment' in the entertainment industry which she sees as a 'safe place' for embarking on her new career choice

                            Who is Ellie-Jean Coffey? Professional surfer and younger sister join porn industry to find 'safe space'
Ellie-Jean Coffey (Instagram)

Aussie surfer and reportedly adult entertainer Ellie-Jean Coffey has opened up about her move to quit the “misogynistic” world of professional surfing and start her own X-rated website. Coffey left her fans in complete shock at her decision as she elaborated on her plans of a new website where she can sell “uncensored content” to subscribers. 

Previously, Coffey and younger sister Holly-Daze, both competed professionally in the World Surfing League’s qualifying series and now have made the move to launch an adult website. With this decision, they have joined the bandwagon of celebrities and athletes like V8 Supercars driver Renee Gracie, former Olympic snowboarder Melo Imai, Italian footballer Davide Iovinella and many more who are looking to make a career in the world of adult entertainment.

Coffey even featured in a promotional shoot with Gracie and set pulses racing in their adult avatar. Now she opened up about her decision to shift to the adult industry which she deems as a “life-changing” career transformation. The 26-year-old ex-surfer Coffey said there is “no judgment” in the entertainment industry which she sees as a “safe place”. Ellie-Jean started a website called ellieunlocked where the customers can pay a fee of $10 a month for “uncensored content” which includes “highly-sexual photos and videos”, as reported by 7 News.


She mentioned how she aims to express herself on the website. “I would definitely say (my favorite part of the industry is) the freedom to express myself sexually, that part of me has always existed. When I did a post on my Instagram a lot, it angered a lot of people. Now I get to talk to these subscribers who I love and the best part about it is I get to be creative every single day. I wake up and think what do you want now, what can I express now, what kind of video or photo ... how can I make this work for both of us. It’s a unique thing, a unique platform - the creativity and intimacy between the subscriber and me.”

She mentioned that the new website gave her a sense of purpose in life. “My new website has completed my life because it’s given me a purpose. I’ve always had the pleasure of surfing, now I have the successful business which I feel has truly completed me.”She added, “It’s been hard on social media having all these followers and not being able to talk to them one on one, now launching my website has just been life-changing. It allows me to be both a surfing girl and a successful businesswoman.”
Coffey left professional surfing in 2017 and launched her website in September 2020. Now, as she has opened about her decision, here’s a close look at the former queen of surfing. 

Who is Ellie-Jean Coffey

Born in 1994, Coffey spent her childhood traveling around Australia with her family. She learned how to surf right from a tender age and garnered fans in the surfing sports circuit. She was ranked 97th in the QS world rankings in 2017. Coffey has four siblings who are all dubbed as the 'Kardashians of Australian surfing'. Her sisters include Bonnie-Lou, 20, Ruby-Lee, 21, Holly-Daze, 23, and Ellie-Jean, 26, who have all garnered fame for their cheeky snaps on Instagram.

Coffey too, like her sisters, has a huge following on social media that boast of 1 million followers on Instagram. The social media star who regularly posts semi-nude pictures many of which are of surfing and modeling said some of her earlier pictures brought her criticism. However, she remains unfettered by judgments as she said in 2015



“They say you shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t be doing that, shouldn’t be posting such provocative shots,’’ Coffey said about the critics on social media. “But I don’t get that. I think people limit women’s opportunities by thinking they have to be a certain way. I like the way I look and I am training to be the best and I think we have an interesting lifestyle. I reckon women can do anything and we need to be more open-minded about things.’’

“I’m 100 percent dedicated to this,’’ she said. “I want to be the best surfer I can.”

However, surfing did not go down well with her where Coffey spoke about how she endured misogyny and male domination in the sports that pushed her to death as reported by Daily Mail. The World Surf League regular said she faced abuse “both mentally and physically” during her surfing career. “At first I thought and believed I was the luckiest girl in the world to be living such a life, and not long after that, the darker side of the surfing industry soon revealed itself to me, and it was terrifying. The abuse, both mentally and physically, I endured during my teenage years far away from home with adults in positions of power has haunted me my whole life. I really don’t feel that anyone’s come forward and really highlighted the things about the surfing industry. The managers and the people in positions of power really abuse that too, not just me, but a lot of girls.”


She added, “As much as I loved surfing, I just completely broke down. I couldn’t continue with all the abuse; it almost drove me to suicide, and I was lucky to go get that therapy and recover from it. And I know a lot of girls in the industry who have a very similar story.” She iterated to be inspired by the 2017 Me Too movement which is also the time she thought to quit surfing. Now she aims to bring unique content for her customers with her newly launched X-rated website called ellieunlocked . For Coffey, this is a way to be both businesswoman and enjoy surfing too by living a life of purpose. 

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