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Who is Ashley McBryde dating and who is her ‘best friend’? Inside the secret life of ‘Martha Divine’ singer

The singer performed ‘Martha Divine’, a dark song that delves into themes like deceit, love, and loss of moral judgment
UPDATED APR 19, 2021
Ashley McBryde (Getty Images)
Ashley McBryde (Getty Images)

Ashley McBryde conquered the stage when she gave a power-packed performance of her song ‘Martha Divine’. The song with solid country music vibes upped the ante at the Sycamore Farms in Arrington, Tennessee. Matching up well to the rage of the song, McBryde performed in the middle of the stage that was lit up in red lights that perfectly encapsulated the mood of fury in the song. 

McBryde looked extremely fierce with dramatic makeup and leather attire and stole the show as she sang the lyrics of ‘Martha Divine’ from her newest album ‘Never Will’: "Martha Divine, Martha Divine/ You put your hands on the wrong damn man this time/ Jezebel, you're bound for Hell/ But evidently, the devil was busy so I moved you up in line, Martha Divine."


For the unversed, ‘Martha Divine’ is about a young girl whose father is cheating with the titular Martha Divine, a character in the song. As a result, the daughter finds the truth which unsettles her and makes her ferocious. Now the obedient Bible-toting daughter warns her dad's lover and even hits her with dangerous equipment when she sees her with her dad sleeping together. 

"'Martha Divine' was so much fun to write because (the song's co-writer) Jeremy Spillman wasn't afraid to get weird with me," McBryde told NPR. "I told him I wanted to write something dark, and we created this story that surrounds the most delightful trollop of a human being and gets down underneath the fingernails of the uncomfortable truth about family dynamics. I was certain no one would let me shoot a video that actually reflected the lyrics, but Reid Long helped me bring it to life in a way that only he could."

The dark song hints about murder and details on themes like deceit, love, and loss of moral judgment. It shows how bonds of love and even blood-relations can become fraught if a loved one of yours betrays you over an affair. As McBryde brings out these themes, we shed some light on her love life and see if it has influenced the making of the song. 


Who is Ashley McBryde dating?

Born in 1983, McBryde is known for her emotional ballads that touch millions of hearts. McBryde's song ‘A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega’ was named one of the 54 Best Songs of 2017 by The New York Times and one of the Top 25 Best Country Songs of 2017 by Rolling Stone. Her debut album ‘Girl Going Nowhere’ got her a Grammy nomination for Best Country Album during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. 

Ashley McBryde attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

McBryde tends to keep her personal life and relationships under wraps. Distractify reported that the singer is not married. There is not much information on who the singer is currently dating. However, while we were thinking that her song ‘Andy (I Can't Live Without You)’ was about a boyfriend of hers, it is surprisingly about her roommate and her best friend Andrew Sovine. This was revealed in an interview with NPR where she said, "I wrote it in the kitchen because I was mad at [band guitarist and roommate] Andrew [Sovine]."

Ashley McBryde accepts an award onstage during the 53rd annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 13, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee (Getty Images)

She continued on how the idea came to pen the song, "We used to go out every Monday night. We would go to Dan McGuinness [Pub]. I would play Guinness Girls, that writers' [round], and then he would meet me back at the house and we would put on silly hats and drink moonshine and sing gospel songs while playing instruments. We were both raised in the Church of Christ, where it's a sin to play an instrument. We called the game ‘Get Drunk for Jesus.’ So we were like, [singing] ‘Some glad morning when this life is over’... only dressed as a bunny. Or I had him in a dress one time. That whole song came about because I had gotten home before him and asked when he was gonna get to the house, and he texted and said he wasn't coming home that night. I thought, 'Well, I'll drink by myself.' I reached up and grabbed my bottle of Elijah Craig and there wasn't as much in it. He'd been drinking my whiskey without asking. Then I looked at my house and my life. It was been a wreck since Andrew Sovine had moved in with me. I thought I would just kinda vent and complain about it. Through doing that, I [realized], ‘Man, that is my absolute best friend in this whole wide world.’"

McBryde’s relationship status shows she is single and has been so for a long time.