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Who are the Culpo Sisters' parents? Olivia Culpo's parents have never heard of an 'influencer'

'They call Olivia an influencer, but we don't know 'cause we're not influenced by it. Sorry,' stated the Culpo matriarch
Sophia Culpo, Olivia Culpo, Aurora Culpo and their parents, Susan Culpo and Peter Culpo from 'The Culpo Sister' (@auroraculpo/Instagram)
Sophia Culpo, Olivia Culpo, Aurora Culpo and their parents, Susan Culpo and Peter Culpo from 'The Culpo Sister' (@auroraculpo/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Olivia Culpo is a household name in 2022. The model and actress is a former Miss Universe and one of the most popular "influencers" on social media. And now, her popularity is only escalating as TLC has roped the ex-pageant queen and her two sisters into starring in their very own show, titled 'The Culpo Sisters'. This show promises to have everything from messy breakups to private details of old flames.

Olivia's sisters, Sophia Culpo and Aurora Culpo, have followed in her footsteps of influencing. While the youngest Culpo sister, Sophia, is a health influencer and a gut health enthusiast, the oldest sister, Aurora, primarily uses her platform to promote sustainability. Although this show sounds similar to another show about the lives of famous influencer sisters that airs on Hulu, TLC promises that 'The Culpo Sisters' is the first of its kind. With plenty of fun and saucy dramatic moments, Olivia, Sophia, and Aurora intend to give all their fans an unfiltered look into their lives. And that also includes the trio's relationship with their parents. The sister's parents have also briefly appeared in the trailer of the series, hinting that the couple will be a big part of the show. So who are the Culpo sisters' parents, and what do they do? Read on to find out.


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Who are the Culpo Sisters' parents?

'The Culpo Sisters' will be the reality TV debut of Olivia and her sisters, Sophia and Aurora. The show is meant to follow the three gorgeous siblings' everyday life as they trot about LA in their highest heels. As honest as it can get, fans can surely expect plenty of catty fights and sisterly love between the three. But the show will also feature the Culpo Sisters' parents, Susan Culpo and Peter Culpo. Their mother, Susan, has Irish ancestry and is also a musician. Whereas the Culpo patriarch, Peter, is a restaurateur and co-owns businesses around Boston. Peter owns several eateries in the Boston area, including the Parish Café and The Lower Depths Tap Room. The couple is supposedly in their mid 60's. The Culpo couple also has other children besides Aurora, Olivia and Sophia. The duo shares two sons, the oldest, Pete Culpo and the youngest, Gus Culpo, making it a total of five children between them.


From what we can see in the trailer released by TLC, the senior Culpos apparently have no clue about their daughters' "influencing" careers. In the trailer, Susan is seen telling the audience, "They call Olivia an influencer, but we don't know 'cause we're not influenced by it. Sorry."  As Olivia explains, "My parents have absolutely no idea what I do." The duo also have no clue why people send their daughters so many packages, occasionally getting a shocking surprise when some gifts are a little too R-rated for the old married couple.


'The Culpo Sisters' premieres on November 7, 2022, at 9/8c on TLC.