'The Ultimatum: Queer Love': Single mom Mildred Woody ready for the next step with LGBTQ Coach Tiff Der

'The Ultimatum: Queer Love': Single mom Mildred Woody ready for the next step with LGBTQ Coach Tiff Der
Mildred Woody and Tiff Der to feature in ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love’ (YouTube/Netflix)

TEXAS: Should they remain or should they leave? Five couples in Netflix's new show 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love' are at an impasse. While one partner is eager to marry, the other is unsure. So, in order to evaluate the future of their relationship, they will conduct an unorthodox experiment.

Following the popularity of 'The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On', Netflix launched the new show 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love'. Season 1 of 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love' has been announced to include five LGBTQ+ couples in same-sex partnerships with female and non-binary partners. They're split because one of the partners issued a marriage ultimatum to the other, which has yet to be replied to. The next season of the successful program will premiere its first set of episodes on Netflix on May 24, while much about the concept and cast members is already known. The sister shows to 'Love Is Blind', 'The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On', debuted in 2022 as a romantic experiment show. The follow-up series, 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love', will continue the previous season's pattern of male-female couples who were at a crossroads in their relationships. Before they start dating inside their group, the couples on the show initially split up. At "the choice," new pairs are then created. The original couples then reunite after the new couples have lived together for a while. At the conclusion of the program, couples choose whether they want to continue dating and eventually get married or break up and either leave alone or with a new partner. 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love' Season 1 will feature five couples and is a spinoff of 'The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On' from 2022. Mildred Woody and Tiff Der are one of the couples in this pool.



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Who is Mildred Woody?

Mildred Bustillo resides in Long Beach, California. She has been a ZIN™ Member since March 2020 and enjoys teaching Zumba sessions. The answer is simple: every class seems like a party to her! She presently holds a Zumba certification. She promises that her clients will have a great time! Will Tiff stand up and offer the glitz she seeks? 


Mildred, 33, has given her lover Tiff Der an ultimatum. Mildred believes she "deserves to be happy," and she's looking for a ring and a commitment from her partner after Tiff accidentally snuck into her DMs one fateful day. Mildred's adolescent son is now cared for jointly by the couple following her traumatic divorce. Mildred may be found on Instagram as @mildredbustillo_, where she now has 1.6K followers. "Mother first," she says. "Bad b*tch immediately after." Mildred uses she/her pronouns.



Who is Tiff Der?

Tiff, 32, has been given an ultimatum by their partner Mildred. While Mildred is ready for the next step, Tiff is hesitant to tie the knot owing to the couple's communication problems and squabbling. Tiff may be found on Instagram as @tiff.der, where she has about 4.5K followers. The vegan from San Diego is the cohost of the Fweebs podcast. Tiff uses the pronouns they/them.

The dog lover's topic of podcast usually varies from "Basic online trolling and bullying regarding LGBTQ content" to " Queer Representation In The Media." With her recent feature in 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love' they get to share their first-hand experience through the podcast which promises to be nothing but candid.


'The Ultimatum: Queer Love' premieres May 24.

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 Who are Mildred Woody and Tiff Der? 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love' couple's constant squabbling proves to be a hurdle