Who are Donald Parham's parents? Injured Chargers star hails from family of footballers

His father Donald Sr was a professional footballer who played college football at Albany State

                            Who are Donald Parham's parents? Injured Chargers star hails from family of footballers
Donald Parham Jr suffered a serious head injury at a game on December 16 (Instagram)

Los Angeles Chargers tight end Donald Parham Jr suffered a serious head injury on the field on December 16, during their game against Kansas City Chiefs. The 24-year-old dropped to the ground after hitting his head on the curb, while attempting to score a touchdown. Fans were left horrified as the young NFL star was stretchered out of the field eventually, while he lay motionless with his eyes closed.

Some fans even presumed that the player had had a seizure after his head injury, but the claim was later dismissed by commentator Joe Buck. He speculated that Parham's shaking was due to the freezing temperatures in Los Angeles. Following Parham's injury, prayers poured in from his teammates and fans, who showed their support to his family amid the crisis. Bolt Beat, the portal for exclusive LA Chargers news, noted, "Prayers for Donald Parham and his family. This is so awful." While Parham's parents or family members have not released any update on his situation, it is believed that they are currently staying by his side till recovery. 


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Who are Donald Parham Jr's parents? 

Donald Parham Jr was born on August 16, 1997, to Donald Parham and Feicia Parham from Lakeland, Florida. His father Donald Sr was also a professional footballer who played college football at Albany State. His younger brother Donovan Parham is currently an athlete with the Robert Morris University football team. 

In fact, Parham Jr hails from a family with a special penchant for football, as his uncle Roger Parham was also a player for Albany State. He even teamed up with his father Donald on several occasions. Another of his uncles, Eric Gallon played professionally for the New England Patriots after a college stint at Kansas State. Eddie Gallon and Edward Gallon, two other uncles of Parham Jr, played for Livingstone College and North Carolina State respectively. Lavell Payne, one of the cousins of the 24-year-old Chargers star, has played college football at the UCF. 

Meanwhile, Donald Parham's fans were livid about Joe Buck dismissing his injury and consequent tremors as 'shivering from cold'. Hours into his recovery, NFL fans continued to slam Buck for his insensitive remark. 

"I generally like Joe Buck, I'm not a hater. But still trying to wrap my head around him blaming Donald Parham's tremors on how cold the field was? Seriously?" a user wrote on Twitter. 

CEO Chris Nowinski tweeted, "LISTEN: Donald Parham Jr. is at the hospital with a brain/spine injury. Joe Buck says he'd never speculate on an injury, then speculates DP's arm tremors were bc "it's cold tonight, at least by Los Angeles standards." Ladies and gents, meet rock bottom for sports broadcasting."

"For Joe Buck to say that it is cold on the field to suggest a reason why Donald Parham's arms were twitching and seizing is more than enough reason to remove him from this broadcast. Your treatment and coverage of this injury has been deplorable," another user noted.

"Joe Buck you’re an idiot. You really think Donald Parham was cold and that’s why his arms were shaking?? for Donald Parham. #KCvsLAC #TNF," one fan tweeted. 





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