'Rock the Block’ Season 2: Who are Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle? Meet 'Inside Out' hosts who will judge show

Interior design and landscaping duo Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle are all set to host their very own show and judge season 2 of 'Rock the Block'

                            'Rock the Block’ Season 2: Who are Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle? Meet 'Inside Out' hosts who will judge show
Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle (@mikepyledesigns/ Instagram)

If you're looking for a brand new home makeover show to binge on, then HGTV has something exciting coming your way -- brace yourself for an all-new 'Rock the Block' Season 2!

Season 2 features eight of HGTV's biggest names in home renovation and design, as they pair up in teams of two to completely transform identical three-story suburban properties in just one month. With a budget of $225,000 and just a month to get it all done, these duos have a lot on the line, including major bragging rights and a chance to have a street named after them!

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With the charming Ty Pennington as the host, each challenge will have a different judge selecting the winners. And who better to judge than other home makeover show hosts. Enter Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle, hosts of 'Inside Out' who will be grading the contestants' main outdoor spaces. So, who exactly are Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle? Here's what we know about HGTV's newest home makeover duo.

Who is Carmaine Sabatella?

Sabatella started his career in the restaurant business before he discovered his love for interior design. He ultimately ended up switching careers and soon found his true calling in the process. He currently runs his own real estate business, under the name of The Sabatella Group and has also been doing interior and landscaping design for over 20 years. He is also a dad to a daughter, Gianna Evangeline, and they both enjoy traveling and his goal is to travel the world with her before she turns 20. Sabatella is no stranger to reality TV seeing that he was previously a part of Bravo TV's My Fab 40. The show features people who go all out for their 40th birthday with extravagant celebrations.

Sabatella was featured on season 1, episode 3 which aired back in 2015. As per the episode summary -- "Formerly-straight single dad Carmine Sabatella dreams that his 40th party will peacefully unite the two worlds he has kept apart: his fabulous new gay friends with a straight world that includes his ex-wife, daughter, and mother. Will Carmine’s Hunger Games theme act as perfect way to unite the two groups, or will it cause tension more palpable than the movie?"

Who is Mike Pyle?

Mike Pyle is a pretty big name in the landscaping industry, seeing that he has over 19 years of experience to his name. Pyle's claim to fame would have to be his expectational stunning living murals, where he has successfully recreated Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and 'Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun' using succulents. Pyle places special focus on his design work, intending to set him apart from the crowd. “I try to create something very unique and drought tolerant within my specific style of design,” Pyle said to Los Angeles Magazine in an interview. “Something that sets me apart from others.” His work sets him apart, seeing that he's landed a spot as Sabatella's co-host on HGTV's up-coming show 'Inside Out'.

What's their new show 'Inside Out' all about?

When it comes to people, it's what's on the inside that counts. When it comes to homes, that philosophy is highly debatable, seeing that the outside counts just as much as what's indoors. Sabatella and Pyle come with two very unique skill sets -- the former is all about interior design, while the latter is an expert landscaper. The show puts both their skills to the test as they take on each other and a new client to create homes that are stunning all around. As per an article by HGTV, "Inside Out will follow renovation duo Carmine Sabatella, an interior designer, and Mike Pyle, a landscape designer, as they battle each other to balance client priorities and budgets to make houses beautiful from the inside out."

Watch season 2 of 'Rock The Block' on Mondays at 9 pm ET/PT on HGTV and you can stream the same on Discovery+.

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