Who is Alvin Campbell Jr? Boston councilwoman's brother raped 9 women posing as Uber driver and filmed nude woman

He would drive to popular venues around the city at night, impersonating an Uber driver, and offer women rides home before attacking them

                            Who is Alvin Campbell Jr? Boston councilwoman's brother raped 9 women posing as Uber driver and filmed nude woman
Alvin Campbell Jr allegedly targeted women outside bars and raped 9 of them posing as an Uber driver (Twitter/@movpreciousoul)

CUMBERLAND RHODE ISLAND, BOSTON: A Boston councilwoman's brother was charged with raping nine women after posing as an Uber driver. He allegedly targeted women outside bars and filmed his attacks. 

Alvin Campbell Jr, 39, the brother of Boston City Council member Andrea Campbell, had previously faced charges of sexual assault against eight women between 2017 and 2019, but has been charged for posing as a rideshare driver to abduct his ninth victim on Thursday, April 1. Campbell of Cumberland Rhode Island would drive to popular venues around the city at night, impersonating an Uber driver, and offer women rides home before attacking them, prosecutors alleged.


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Alvin Campbell Jr is the brother of Boston councilwoman Andrea Campbell (right) (ProjectPlace.org)

Who is Alvin Campbell Jr?

Alvin Campbell Jr is the brother of Boston City council member Andrea Campbell. He was raised in a Black Christian family in Roxbury, often called the heart of Boston’s Black community, and the South End, along with Andrea and her twin brother Andre. The area, according to Paw, was a racially diverse but economically stratified neighborhood where Victorian rowhouses stand alongside public-housing projects.

Their mother was killed in a car accident while traveling to visit Campbell Jr’s father in prison when Andrea was just eight months old. Their father was serving eight years for firearms charges. Campbell Jr lived with his twin siblings and they spent their early childhood with a collection of foster parents and extended family, including a grandmother who struggled with alcoholism and an aunt and uncle who became parental figures. When their father came home from prison, the children went to live with him. While Andrea went to Princeton University, Andre, who had had run-ins with the law, died in police custody.

He made a 46-minute rape video

The latest charges came after detectives unearthed a 46-minute cloud storage video shot in 2018 which allegedly shows Campbell raping an "unconscious or semi-conscious or unresponsive" woman, the Boston Globe said in a report. The man had been charged with three additional counts of rape and two counts of filming an unsuspecting nude person, said Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins. A photo taken by Campbell of the alleged victim's passport helped police track her down.

The Rhode Island man, who has been in custody since his initial arrest by the Boston Police Department in January 2020, allegedly attacked a woman on the night of December 6, 2019, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. Police say Campbell, while pretending to be a ride-sharing driver, picked up an intoxicated woman outside The Harp bar in downtown Boston, after the original Uber she had ordered through her phone app had left without an explanation, reported the Daily Mail. The woman, who got into Campbell's black SUV with the expectation of being taken home, is said to have passed out in the backseat during the commute.

After sexually assaulting her inside the vehicle, prosecutors said Campbell drove her to his apartment in Cumberland, Rhode Island, raped her and allegedly videotaped the assaults. The victim woke up hours later inside the perpetrator's home suffering from pain in her groin and an injury to her chest. Following this she was driven by the bogus Uber driver to a CVS pharmacy and was left there, according to court records. After somehow making her way home, the woman went to a hospital to undergo a sexual assault evaluation and filed a report with the Boston police.

His SUV was identified by surveillance cameras and a search warrant led them to videos in his phone of himself raping the woman. "The clips showed her both clothed and naked. Campbell addressed her by name and commented crudely about her body," said the Daily Mail report. The perpetrator said at one point, 'Raise your eyebrow if you're all right," and later "Do you want to go upstairs to your house or come to my house?'' according to documents obtained by Boston Herald.

Campbell has earlier been accused of similar rapes, all having the same horrific elements of an intoxicated woman taken advantage of by the man. He had previously been charged with kidnapping and raping a woman after she left a Boston bar and got into his car while he impersonated a rideshare driver. A July 2020 NBC Boston report stated him facing similar charges in seven additional rape cases over three years. 

“The attacks on these women are the acts of a predator. Women are entitled to go out and enjoy themselves without the fear of being preyed upon, kidnapped or raped," District Attorney Rachael Rollins said in a statement in the report.

Campbell was arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court on Wednesday on the ninth indictment. Judge Janet Sanders ordered that he be held until April 27 when a new hearing will determine whether the man can be released on bail. He has been held on $250,000 bail since pleading not guilty at his District Court arraignment on January 9.

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