White teen who forced autistic Black boy to kiss his shoe and threatened another in shocking video avoids jail

The footage showed the White teenager with a White girl while they bully the autistic Black boy and soon he tells another Black boy he 'will slap 50 shades of black' out of him

                            White teen who forced autistic Black boy to kiss his shoe and threatened another in shocking video avoids jail
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A White teenager managed to avoid jail time after forcing an autistic Black boy to kiss his shoes in a sickening video that was shared online. The teenager, 17, was arrested after the shocking footage was posted on social media and seen by more than a million people. In light of the incident, a boy and a girl, both 17, were charged with racially aggravated assault.

It is reported that the attack had taken place at the Holmfirth Cricket Club in West Yorks in the UK. However, prosecutors have dropped race hate charges against the two with the case being settled on July 28 after the two agreed to sign a good behavior contract. They also agreed to pay £50 compensation to the victim. In the video, the teenager, who has not been named due to legal reasons, is seen telling the Black child to kiss his shoe. 

It appears as though the victim was shoved on the head while the bully attempts to get him on the ground and taunts him by saying, "Nobody is going to back you." In the footage, the White teenager is seen along with a White teen girl telling the Black child to kiss his shoe. The black boy, who is seen sporting a red t-shirt, starts shrugging his shoulders. The sickening teenagers keep yelling "get on the floor" while the White male says, "Kiss my fresh Air Force Ones that I paid £120 for." As the Black child kneels down to kiss the bully's shoe, the two are heard laughing in the background. 

In a second video, the boy is seen taunting another Black child and can be heard saying, "I will slap the 50 shades of black out of you pal." Both the teenagers were arrested and were due to go on trial on July 29 at the Leeds Youth Court. The boy hails from Holmfirth while the girl is said to be from Huddersfield.

The boy had admitted to common assault on the first victim while the female admitted to causing harassment, alarm or distress to him. The two have denied racially aggravated assault. The male also denied racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress in link to the second victim. However, on July 28, he pleaded guilty to the charge in relation to the second victim.

The two were referred to the Kirklees Youth Offender Panel and while the boy's order is set to last for seven months, the girl's will last for four months. A referral order requires juveniles to appear in front of a panel which will determine how they are to be punished. They were also made to sign a contract on how they can improve their behavior. 

As reported by The Sun, Chief Superintendent Julie Sykes of Kirklees Police said, "We were made aware last night of a serious incident at Holmfirth Cricket Club following the posting of a video on social media, and have been conducting urgent enquiries regarding what has taken place. A male aged 17 has been arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated common assault and a female aged 16 has been arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offense. They are both currently in police custody. We are supporting the victim and his family and working closely with local partner agencies as we conduct a full investigation into what has taken place."

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