White man follows Black woman for two miles, says he did not 'feel safe' with her driving in his neighborhood

The white man confronted Julia Santos, saying, 'I don’t feel safe with you driving around my neighborhood'

                            White man follows Black woman for two miles, says he did not 'feel safe' with her driving in his neighborhood

GROVELAND, MASSACHUSETTS: A young Black woman from Massachusetts filmed how a white man had allegedly followed her around in his car for two miles. The man kept demanding to know what she was doing there and said that he felt "unsafe" in his neighborhood. Julia Santos, 21, was returning from picking up some free dog food from a local who had shared a post on the same on a Facebook group in Groveland. Santos shared that she had been driving through Juniper Terrace and realized that she was being followed. After being followed for around two miles, Santos then tuned on a side street in order to try and avoid the man who pulled up next to her and confronted her.


The video clip shows the man sporting a white T-shirt and a pair of sunglasses sitting in a BMW convertible and bombarding her. He can be heard saying, "So what are you driving up Juniper Terrace for?" Santos responds clearly shaken up and says, "Actually, if you’re concerned if you want to look on the Town Crier (a Facebook Group) someone offered a bag of dog food, which I have in the back of my vehicle."

The man then says, "Where? Juniper Terrace is a very small street, you didn’t stop." The young woman says, "I did. I stopped, I grabbed the dog food that is right there and then I left and saw you follow me all the way here and I turned right here because quite frankly, I don’t feel safe right now." The man rudely responds, "You don’t feel safe? I don’t feel safe with you driving around my neighborhood." Santos asked the man whether he had followed her around because she is Black to which he replied saying, "I don’t know what color you are… what color are you?"

"I’m Black and that’s why you’re following me?" she says. The man tells her, "That’s good, you’re Black, congratulations!" Santos revealed that for all her life, she has lived in Groveland and was shocked at being asked as to why she was in that specific neighborhood. 

In the background, a woman's voice cuts in saying, "What are you doing? I don’t like the fact that this poor girl is being harassed" after which the man starts to back away.

Santos had taken to Twitter to share, "I just got Karen'd? This man followed me home because I went to pick up DOG FOOD at somebody's house! He followed me all the way to my house so I turned on a side street and he said he felt 'unsafe'."

After she posted about the incident, she added, "Think I'll just go cry and try to emotionally process today lol."

While speaking to the Boston Globe Santos' sister, Adrianna said, "This is a good example to show this stuff is really happening. It was definitely shocking to watch, especially knowing my sister so well. I could definitely hear in her voice how shook up she was."

Social media was outraged at the video and many people took to commenting on the same. One such user said, "What a nasty person, wearing racism on his sleeve accompanied with an "as a matter of fact" attitude. I'm so sorry you had to deal with this."

Another added, "this isn’t getting karend!! It’s getting profiled. I’m so sorry this happened to you. also what kinda logic is that? He just follows every person he finds in his neighborhood? that’s hella scary, glad that girl spoke up for you at the end."

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