TikTok's zodiac trend goes viral as users find out unique traits according to their signs

TikTok's zodiac trend goes viral as users find out unique traits according to their signs
Zodiac trend goes viral on TikTok (@kenn_1103/TikTok)

Attention all TikTok lovers! Have you heard about the latest trend taking the app by storm? Users everywhere are finding out if their zodiac sign has more positive or negative traits. Influencers like Vinnie Hacker, Noah Beck, and Avani Gregg are joining in on the fun by posting cute slideshows showcasing where they rank on the zodiac scale. 

The new trend rates different types of men and women based on their zodiac signs and displays users where they rank on the list. Are you wondering what this new trend means? Keep reading to know more.


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Which positive or negative traits does your zodiac sign have? 


The newest version of the zodiac sign list argues that men and women born under a certain sign are superior or more toxic than others. The list ranks Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, and Libra women, along with Sagittarius men, as the top five signs. This list doesn't hold back and continues with detailed descriptions of each tier, including the second tier consisting of Sagittarius, Leo, Cancer, Pisces, and Aries women, and Libra and Leo men. These signs are defined as "confrontational, emotional, faithful, and loyal."

But, don't worry if your sign falls into the bottom tier group, which includes Capricorn women and men, Pisces men, Gemini women, Aries men, and Scorpio women. These signs are described as "stubborn and wanting things their way" and may experience "rollercoaster ride relationships" in love and friendships. However, Gemini men have a category of their own as "unbothered loners." Finally, there's the horrible category, which includes Cancer, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and Virgo men - better off avoided according to the list. 


Are these rankings accurate?

The list of positive and negative zodiac attributes is a subjective assessment of the zodiac signs. These rankings are most likely based on personal experiences. On TikTok, you can find a lot of people slandering any of the five zodiac males in the worst tier, but you are just as likely to meet someone who is a great human being from one of the "worst" tiers!

This chart, like everything else in astrology, should not be taken too seriously, nor should it be used to criticize people before getting to know them.

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 Which positive or negative traits does your zodiac sign have? Are these TikTok rankings accurate?