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Where was Rachel Nichols during NBA finals? Trolls say she was 'crying a river watching Malika'

'Rachel Nichols outside Maria Taylor house right now,' one user mocked Nichols after her exit from NBA finals following the racism row
UPDATED JUL 21, 2021
Rachel Nichols (Instagram)
Rachel Nichols (Instagram)

On Tuesday, July 20, while NBA fans enjoyed the much-awaited game, some wondered where ESPN's controversial journalist Rachel Nichols was. We had earlier reported that game watchers made fun of Nichols for not covering the game after her "racist" remarks surfaced last month.

Earlier this month, ESPN benched Nichols from covering the NBA Finals from the sidelines after a recording of her surfaced making comments about her colleague, Maria Taylor. In the audio, Nichols was heard criticizing ESPN for choosing Black journalist Taylor for reporting on the sidelines of the NBA Finals over her. "If you need to give her more things to do because you're feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity which, by the way, I myself know personally like, go for it, just find it somewhere else," the recording said. Later, it was announced by the channel that Malika Andrews will be covering the NBA's sideline reports.


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Where was Rachel Nichols?

During the match, many NBA fans wondered where Nichols was as before this controversy, she was supposed to cover the game but everything changed after the racist recording emerged. On the day of the match, Nichols posted an interview clip on Twitter, where she was seen interviewing Chris Paul. In another video, where Paul was answering journalists, Nichols asked Paul, who lost the game, "What does it feel like?" for which she got heavily trolled on Twitter.


Many people made several speculations about what she would've been doing. As one person made fun of her and said, "Rachel Nichols outside Maria Taylor house right now." Another one suggested, "Rachel Nichols cussing her and Maria Taylor out right now! Haha." One claimed, "Rachel Nichols is definitely punching the air right now."




Another one asked, "Why is Rachel Nichols still On tv ? I’m uncomfortable seeing her on any media outlet. She is a down low racist ." Some NBA fans requested to take her off air completely as she was spotted interviewing Paul on air, "Rachel Nichols is horrible get her outta here," one person wrote. Another one said that "Rachel Nichols crying a river rn watching Malika."




Slamming Nichols for asking Paul "What does it feel like," another one said, "This is some great question Rachel Nichols asked Chris Paul. "What does it feel like?" No, ESPN couldn't replace her in about 5 minutes." While another one suggested what he should've answered her saying, "he should of said: “i feel like rachel nichols”" Another one tweeted, "Rachel Nichols ain’t even going down SWINGING at this point. All that work, all that schooling, all them hours to get access to ask these players anything you want. And “what does it feel like?” is what you ask a dude that just lost?"