Where is Ken now? 'Dr Pimple Popper' patient gets huge pilar cysts removed from his head

Ken was so self-conscious of his cysts that he not only grew out the hair on his head to hide them but also tried removing them himself

                            Where is Ken now? 'Dr Pimple Popper' patient gets huge pilar cysts removed from his head
Ken on 'Dr Pimple Popper' (TLC)

An unsightly bump/ cysts on the head can make anybody self-conscious. The recently aired episode of 'Dr Pimple Popper' featured Ken, a patient suffering from several pilar cysts growth on his head. Ken was so riddled with feeling self-conscious by his skin condition that he not only grew out the hair on his head to cover the cysts but also tried removing them himself.

During his consultation with Dr Sandra Lee aka 'Dr Pimple Popper', he explained how his skin condition took a toll on his social life and morale. Since he worked as a salesman, his appearance matters quite a bit. But unfortunately, his long hair was not only making him look shabby but also unprofessional. He was tired of hiding under his hair and not living his life to the fullest on account of the cysts on his head, so he turned to Dr Lee for help.


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Where is Ken from 'Dr Pimple Popper' now?

When Dr Lee began examining his cysts she immediately realized that they were pilar cysts. She spotted a few large ones and several small ones dotting his head. Ken was particularly concerned about one particular cyst. He guided Dr Lee toward it and revealed that he tried removing it by himself by puncturing and attempting to drain the cyst but ended up making things worse. Dr Lee then explained how she would never advise anybody to do that as a person might end up hurting themselves in the process. She pointed out how a person can't make a deep enough excision due to pain or risk of getting infected and of course, bleeding. She examined the cyst that Ken tried to remove and realized that it was flattened quite a bit and there were multiple small bumps growing on it.

She took him in for the surgery and began to remove the cysts. She individually drained each of the cysts and then cut it open and removed the sac and finally closed the area. While doing it Dr Lee observed that Ken had manhandled his cysts, but luckily he didn't cause any major damage to them. Once the treatment was completed, Ken was pleased to see all his cysts gone from his head.


 Later during the show, we saw an update on Ken's life post-surgery. Eight weeks after his surgery, Ken walked into a hair salon and finally got his big cut. He got rid of the hair on his head that he had been growing for years to cover up the cysts, and also trimmed his beard off a bit. When he walked into his workplace his colleagues were pleasantly surprised to see him without his long hair and beard. They joked about him ditching his Nordic look, Ken happily added that he was the new plus-sized Calvin Klien model. In his green room interview, Ken revealed that the removal of cysts boosted his confidence a lot and was now geared to be the best salesperson and do his job to the best of his abilities. 

'Dr Pimple Popper' Season 6 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on TLC.