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Where is Stuart Chaseman now? 'Jewish Matchmaking' star says intolerance is a 'deal-breaker'

After an amazing first date with Pamela, where is 'Jewish Matchmaking' rockstar Stuart Chaseman now?
Stuart and Pamela on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)
Stuart and Pamela on 'Jewish Matchmaking' (Netflix)

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: The stage is set, the cameras are rolling, and love is in the air as Netflix's newest dating show, 'Jewish Matchmaking,' takes the spotlight. From bustling New York City to the scenic hills of Israel's north, the show promises a diverse and captivating look at the world of Jewish dating. Guiding the hopeful romantics is none other than matchmaker and dating guru, Aleeza Ben Shalom. With her keen eye for chemistry and years of experience, Aleeza traverses the globe, weaving together a tapestry of love stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

One such tale is that of Stuart Chaseman, a talented singer-songwriter from Chicago, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and heartfelt connections. In his quest for 'The One', Stuart first crosses paths with Hope, but alas, sparks fail to fly. Despite the initial disappointment, Stuart keeps an open mind and heart as he continues his search. And then, in a serendipitous turn of events, Stuart meets Pamela - a kindred spirit who shares many of his passions and values. With each passing moment, their connection deepens, and the air between them crackles with chemistry. Let's find out if they are still together.


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Aleeza gives Stuart a makeover

As Stuart's journey to find love continued on 'Jewish Matchmaking,' he received a surprising gift from matchmaker and dating coach Aleeza — a wardrobe and style upgrade. Aleeza believed that giving Stuart a makeover would not only motivate him but also make him feel like he was in his 20s again. Through the process, Aleeza discovered that Stuart had been wearing clothes that were several sizes too big for him. He had been wearing Extra Large when in reality, he was only a Large. This revelation gave Aleeza a clear starting point to work from, and she set out to transform Stuart's wardrobe with the goal of bringing out his best features. Together, they went through Stuart's closet, picking out clothes that no longer fit his body or style, and replaced them with new, trendy outfits that reflected his personality. Stuart was amazed at the difference a well-fitted blazer and pants could make. He confessed that he felt like a new person, and the clothes gave him the confidence he needed to put himself out there and find love.

With his newfound confidence and sharp new style, Stuart went on his date with a potential match, wearing a sleek, fitted blazer and pants that accentuated his physique. It was clear that the wardrobe upgrade had done wonders for him, as he felt more comfortable and at ease in his own skin. Aleeza's makeover had given Stuart the tools he needed to present his best self and make a lasting impression.


Stuart rejects Hope, goes with Pamela

Stuart maybe 51, but he has not given up hope on finding his soulmate. He's determined to explore all avenues, no matter how unconventional, to find the one who is perfect for him. Having grown up with parents who were deeply in love, Stuart is not willing to settle for anything less. He knows what he wants - someone who is open-minded, tolerant, and shares his values. Although he's not particularly religious, Stuart does have some preferences when it comes to his potential partner. He's not looking for an overtly religious girl, and his criteria include not having more than four kids and two cats. But most importantly, intolerance is a "deal breaker" for him.

Stuart's first date with Hope, a teacher at an NGO, goes well. He's his usual charming self, making her laugh and feel comfortable throughout their time together. Hope also finds Stuart easy to talk to and genuinely nice. However, despite the initial connection, Stuart senses that their communication is a bit off. He also feels that Hope is more invested in her Judaism practice than he is, which doesn't sit well with him. The date ends with Stuart gifting Hope a music CD, but he's not sure if there's a potential for something more. Enter Pamela, a disability advocate, and comedian, whom Aleeza introduces to Stuart. Stuart was impressed with Pamela's passion for her profession and how she used her comedic talents to advocate for the disabled community. But what really sealed the deal for Stuart was their mutual hatred of 'Star Wars'. They were laughing and talking easily, enjoying each other's company in a way that felt natural and comfortable. Pamela was equally smitten with Stuart's charm and charisma. She confessed to not having laughed so much on a date in a while and was clearly impressed with the connection they shared.

It was clear that this was more than just a casual meeting. Stuart and Pamela had found something special, and it was a joy to watch them get to know each other better. As they continued to talk and laugh, it was clear that the two were a great match for each other. They had hit it off from the very beginning, and their easy chemistry and shared values made it clear that this was a relationship with real potential. It was an exciting moment for Stuart, who had finally found someone who checked all the boxes on his list, and for Pamela, who had found someone who made her feel truly happy and understood.


Are Stuart and Pamela still together?

The audience was left on the edge of their seats after watching Stuart and Pamela hit it off so well on their first date. The chemistry between the two was undeniable, and everyone was eager to see what would happen next. As the episode came to a close, viewers were left with the impression that Stuart and Pamela would go on a second date and see where things would go from there.

However, as time went on, it was noticed that Stuart and Pamela did not follow each other on Instagram. This led to speculation that perhaps their relationship had not progressed beyond the initial date that was shown on the show. While this was disappointing news for those who had rooted for the couple, it was not altogether surprising. After all, dating is a complicated and unpredictable process, and not every connection will lead to a long-term relationship. Even if Stuart and Pamela didn't end up together, their date was still a success.