Where is Selena's husband Chris Perez now? Here's why he couldn't get over her even after marrying Vanessa

Chris and Vanessa married in 2001, six years after Selena's death

                            Where is Selena's husband Chris Perez now? Here's why he couldn't get over her even after marrying Vanessa
Chris Perez was married to Latin Pop sensation Selena (Getty Images)

In the tragedy that is Latin pop star Selena's story, there is one person in particular that fans believe has managed to have a happy ending in life. Selena's guitarist husband Chris Perez truly seemed to be the wind beneath her wings and fans hoped that he would be able to find love again.

But while Chris remarried and even had two kids, it seems that for him getting over the Selena tragedy will be a lifelong battle. So where is Chris Perez now? Personally and professionally has the musician managed to pick up the pieces of his life?


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Clearly all these years on, Selena is still very much a big part of Chris' memories and heart. In fact so much so, that it was reportedly a big factor in why his second marriage with Vanessa Villanueva didn't work out. Chris and Vanessa married in 2001, six years after Selena's death. They were married for 10 years and have two children Noah and Cassie. But while Vanessa reportedly wanted to work on the marriage, Chris simply hasn't ever been able to get over Selena reportedly. Chris and Vanessa ended up divorcing in 2008.

Professionally, Chris has hit happier notes. He is still a guitarist and a Grammy-winning one at that. He won a Grammy in 1999 for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Performance for the song, 'Resurrection.' Besides his music, Chris also has a successful hot sauce business called Perez Pepper Sauce. He also wrote the best-selling book 'To Selena, with Love' in 2012 about their life together. In the book, he writes, "My life has gone on. More than anything, I am grateful to Selena for teaching me the meaning of love, I was fortunate enough to be able to marry again and have children. I wish that I could have had a family with Selena, as we had always planned; still, I know that Selena was the one who made this possible for me. She showed me how to drop my guard and embrace life."

Chris also remains extremely close to the Quintanilla family. As for the Netflix series on Selena, Chris posted his take on Instagram, saying, "Alright so, here is my take on this. I loved her music even before I joined the band. I was intrigued by the fact that her brother had his name on everything as producer. Keyboard player Ricky Vela was my hero as far as musicianship goes. Her dad ran some amazing sound when I went to see them at an event in San Antonio. I learned so much by taking on their guitar player Roger Garcia's parts and doing my best to stretch it even further. They had a girl drummer that laid it DOWN (Suzette really is a badass). Joe and Pete brought the "extra" and added a whole other dimension PLUS Pete wrote amazing lyrics....and they sounded HEAVY. I will forever respect the band and the people involved in it. I hope you guys enjoy this series."

To find out more about how Selena and Chris' relationship evolves when she morphs into a superstar you can catch part two of 'Selena: The Series' on Netflix on May 4.

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