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Where is Sally McNeil now? 'Killer Sally' star spent decades behind bars over 'roid rage killing' of husband

Docuseries 'Killer Sally' explores the 1995 Valentine's Day murder of bodybuilding champion Ray McNeil by his wife Sally
Sally McNeil in 'Killer Sally' offical trailer (YouTube/Netflix)
Sally McNeil in 'Killer Sally' offical trailer (YouTube/Netflix)

CHOWCHILLA, CALIFORNIA: The reason why a bodybuilder couple's marriage ended in a horrible murder over 30 years ago is revealed in a new Netflix documentary. The three-part docuseries, 'Killer Sally,' which will premiere on November 2, explores the 1995 Valentine's Day murder of bodybuilding champion Ray McNeil by his wife Sally.

Sally, who won the US armed forces physique competition in the 1980s, said her husband tortured her for years prior to the shooting. She is still imprisoned. "Sally claimed it was self-defense, a split decision to save her life," according to the 'Killer Sally' synopsis. Here's what we know about Sally McNeil decades after the heinous murder she committed.


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Who is Sally McNeil?

Sally McNeil is a mother, convicted killer, and former bodybuilder. She was a divorcee when she met Ray McNeil in the United States Marine Corps, where they were both serving. They met over their passion for fitness and finally married in 1987. Sally was released from the Navy three years after marriage and finally discovered other methods to make money. Sally practiced "muscle worship," which entailed recording sessions in which she was paid to wrestle guys to the ground. In the 'Killer Sally' Netflix teaser, she adds, "If I wrestled 10 of them, that's $3,000." In fact, her career allowed Ray to leave the Marines and pursue bodybuilding full-time. However, Sally believed that this was insufficient, and their marriage became tense.

"Made Ray happy that it was paying for his steroids, then he hit me," she explained.

Sally discusses the abuse she believes she has suffered over the years in the docuseries. Tensions between Sally and Ray reached a boiling point in 1994 when she was approached by one of her husband's mistresses. On February 14, 1995, the two got into a major brawl that ended in Ray's death. Sally, who was 27 at the time, shot Ray twice in the belly and once in the skull with a shotgun. She immediately dialed 911 and reported that she had murdered her husband in self-defense because he was hitting her.

Where is Sally McNeil now?

Prosecutors successfully challenged Sally's allegation of abuse during her trial, and detectives discovered the pair was both taking steroids, prompting the murder to be dubbed the "roid rage killing." They claimed that the murder was planned, and Sally was convicted of second-degree murder in 1996. Sally received a sentence of 19 years to life in prison. She was incarcerated at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, California. On May 29, 2020, her release was granted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.