Where does Sarah Baeumler buy her clothes from? A peek into 'Renovation Island' star's chic wardrobe

Where does Sarah Baeumler buy her clothes from? A peek into 'Renovation Island' star's chic wardrobe
'Renovation Island' star Sarah Baeumler (Sarah Baeumler/ Instagram)

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA: Aside from the usual bickering amongst the Baeumles, it's hard to miss Sarah Baeumler's on-point style on 'Renovation Island'. The HGTV star's ability to look flawless at all times, whether while she's busy shopping inventory or lending help to her husband Bryan Baeumler with a paint job or other miscellaneous work, Sarah's style has always managed to draw attention.

Her crisp linen outfits usually in a neutral color palette are without a doubt elegant and look timeless. So, if you ever wondered where Sarah buys her clothes and also the dainty yet stunning jewelry that she's always seen sporting, then we got you covered. Read on to know all about some of Sarah's favorite shopping spots when it comes to her classic style.





Where does Sarah Baeumler buy her clothes from?

Back in the day when Sarah used to actively blog on her website, the HGTV star regualry shared her style secrets and styling tips. But as she began focussing more on. building her interior designing practice, Sarah took down her blog and replaced it with a catalog of her self-designed home and lifestyle essentials. But don't worry, we carefully combed through her social media to note down where all her favorite style staples are from. Aside from tagging the retailer or designer she shopped from, Sarah also occasionally replies to her followers about her outfit details. For instance back in August, ahead of 'Renovation Island' Season 3's premiere she posted a picture of Bryan and herself on her Instagram. She can be seen wearing a beautiful champagne pink dress with a dainty gold necklace in the picture. Aniticpating the many queries from her followers about her outfit and jewelry details, she revealed that she got the dress from Zimmermann and the necklace is from her very own SB shop. You can check out the look here.



Over the years, Sarah has been pretty vocal about her love for linens and shopping consciously. In one of her Instagram posts she shared, "It’s no secret that linen is a staple in my wardrobe. Whether I’m working 12 hour days at the resort, or winding down beachside on the weekend – I find linen to be the perfect lightweight garment for everyday wear. I’m looking forward to bringing you more linen products of my very own in the coming months - stay tuned! 🌞" Here's a brief list of the designers and retailers that Sarah shops from.


Vita Grace
Stitch & Feather
Club Monaco
When it comes to jewlwery, Sarah seems to favor her personal brand over others. You can check out Sarah Baeumler's jewelry collection here


'Renovation Island' Season 3 airs every Sunday at 9/8c on HGTV.

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