Where are HGTV's 'Rock The Block' Season 4 winners? Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle catch up on beauty sleep

Where are HGTV's 'Rock The Block' Season 4 winners? Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle catch up on beauty sleep
Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle were the winners of 'Rock The Block' Season 4 (Instagram/@michelboyd, @anthonyelle)

BERTHOUD, COLORADO: Picture this - the Rocky Mountains loom in the distance, the cool air bites your nose, and in the background you hear the clang of hammers and the whir of saws. That was the scene Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle, aka the design duo 'Luxe for Less,' faced during the epic six-week competition of HGTV's 'Rock the Block.' But nothing could stop the two from creating luxurious bachelor pad that would amaze the judges and viewers. As the fireworks lit up the sky above their stunning renovation, Michel and Anthony could not contain their excitement. Their sexy and sophisticated apartment had won the day, making them the ultimate winners of the season. And the best part? Not only had they rocked the block, but they had also proven that newcomers can take on the big dogs and be victorious.

This season, that was no small feat, as all new builds start at a whopping $1.9 million. But Michel and Anthony weren't intimidated. They were given $250,000 to remodel their home and they went way above and beyond. What made their renovation so special? Was it the deck off the master bedroom, which offers breathtaking views of the mountains? Or was it the elegant and chic bathroom hidden behind the kitchen? Or was it the hidden speakeasy room, perfect for entertaining and impressing guests? Michel and Anthony have proven beyond a doubt that with hard work, creativity and a touch of luxury, anything is possible at 'Rock the Block.'


Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle make history as 'Rock The Block' Season 4 champions

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Where are Season 4 winners Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle now?

The Season 4 finale of HGTV's 'Rock the Block' was a nail-biter to say the least. But in the end, Michel and Anthony, also known for 'Luxe for Less,' emerged victorious as their stunning bachelor pad was valued at a whopping $2.85 million. This wasn't just any win, but a record-breaking one, as no home in the show's history had ever reached such a high appraised value. But the duo's victory wasn't only a win for themselves, but also a win for representation. Michel and Anthony were only the second African-American couple to take home the title of 'Rock the Block' champion. Their triumph was a testament to their hard work, dedication and creativity and served as an inspiration to many aspiring designers and renovators out there.

In a recent interview with HGTV, Michel and Anthony talked about their experiences on the show and what the future holds for them. They revealed that their creations on the show were true labors of love, but what made their victory even sweeter was the fact that they were able to showcase their personal specialties and strengths. What's next for the two design geniuses? Well, they have big plans to incorporate fashion into their interior design in the future. And if they had to defend their title on the next season of 'Rock the Block,' they'd be more than ready to do so. But for now, Michel and Anthony are focusing on their clients and tackling more projects. They want to continue to hone their craft and push the boundaries of design. And while they appreciate a beautiful outdoor space, they want to focus more on designing the inside of the home, where people spend most of their time. It's clear that Michel and Anthony are just getting started, and we can't wait to see what stunning creations they come up with next. As for their future on 'Rock the Block,' we'll just have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure: these two design dynamos have cemented their place in the show's history, and they won't be stopping anytime soon.



The duo caught up on sleep after the show

After six weeks of grueling competition and non-stop renovating, Michel and Anthony emerged as the champions of HGTV's 'Rock the Block.' So what was the first thing they did when they finally went back home? According to the couple, they slept for a week straight! Michel explained that competing on 'Rock the Block' was an intense experience, filled with adrenaline and excitement. He believes that everyone who participates in the show probably goes home and sleeps for at least a week to recover from exhaustion. But despite the toughness of the competition, Michel admitted that he would surely miss it. Anthony, on the other hand, had another priority when he got back home. He revealed that he has custody of his niece, so the first thing he did was inspect the house to see how she was doing and if she had been keeping up with her chores. He wanted to get a sense of how much work he would have to do to get her back on her normal schedule. But to his surprise, she had held it down pretty okay on her own. It's clear that Michel and Anthony are not only incredibly talented designers but also down-to-earth individuals who prioritize their families and well-being. Their dedication to their craft and their loved ones is truly admirable and is a testament to the kind of people they are. And while they may have joked about sleeping for a week straight, these two will be back to their creative endeavors in no time.

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 Where are 'Rock The Block' Season 4 winners? Michel Boyd and Anthony Elle catch up on beauty sleep