'Your Honor' Episode 3: Will Kofi Jones take the blame and go to jail for Adam's crime?

In 'Your Honor' Episode 3, we will see if Kofi Jones will really take the blame for Adam's crime after he gets blackmailed by his crew

                            'Your Honor' Episode 3: Will Kofi Jones take the blame and go to jail for Adam's crime?
Lamar Johnson as Kofi Jones (Showtime)

'Your Honor' Episode 2 ended with Kofi Jones (Lamar Johnson), a young Black man taking the blame for Adam's (Hunter Doohan) crime of hit and run accident. When the judge asked how he pleads for the charges that he faces, Kofi said guilty because he saw his mother's life being put at risk. Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) and his son Adam, also attend the hearing. Of course, Michael is not aware of his son's presence but Michael has enough on his plate already. When he had reached out to Rudy to get rid of the car, did Michael intend on scapegoating someone? It is unclear because his actions are quite contrary to his words.

For instance, after speaking to Rudy, Michael speaks to Adam about the need for cooperation and silence from his son while he cleans up the mess. He has already crossed the line when he had decided to keep his son safe instead of turning him in. Now, he is colluding with a man who is running to be the mayor of the city to hide his son's crime. The change in Michael occurs when he sees the fall be taken by a member of the very family that he had saved in the first episode. The Black woman who was charged for solicitation and risked losing her children is the mother of Kofi Jones who is affiliated to a local gang. 

It is a member of this gang that ends up blackmailing Kofi into taking the fall for the crime in exchange for his family's safety. However, Michael is not happy with the way Kofi is treated during the trial because the judge strips Kofi of any pride that he had left by stripping him in court to find out if he was affiliated. They wanted to check for any tattoos that he had which could indicate a connection to a local gang further messing up the chances of proving his innocence. After all, the boy that was killed in the accident is the son of Jimmy Baxter, who happens to be an influential underworld crime boss. 

After Kofi's confession, it becomes clear to Baxter that the gang that Kofi is affiliated to is out for him and he wants to clean the city of the garbage that they are because of the drugs that they have kids circulate and distribute. Somehow, despite crossing all the lines that he had for his son, Michael is unable to accept Kofi being treated so unfairly in the courtroom so he ends up asking a friend, a fine private lawyer for help.

Michael asks Lee Delamere (Carmen Ejogo) to represent Kofi, and from what happened at the parking lot, we are sure that there is more to Lee as well. An incident in the past that she hasn't completely moved on from which would end up being a disadvantage for her if she were to take on the case of Kofi. However, she accepts after Michael's heartfelt request and that gives us hopes for his acquittal.

'Your Honor' will air on Sundays at 10 pm ET on Showtime. Starring Bryan Cranston, Hunter Doohan, Michael Stuhlbarg among others, the show premiered on December 6.

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