When will NBA 2020-21 season begin? Here's a quick look at the proposed schedule and what's confirmed so far

When will NBA 2020-21 season begin? Here's a quick look at the proposed schedule and what's confirmed so far
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Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, sports across the world slowly resumed and the NBA was an absolute success after the restart. With a bubble facility and a neutral arena, the 2019-20 season was officially complete with the Los Angeles Lakers emerging as the Champions beating the Miami Heat. It was one of the longest seasons in sports history, and now, the focus has shifted to the upcoming edition.


With the schedule usually slated between October and June, there has been some fast-paced planning in the works as the league office and owners of teams are planning at a shortened offseason so as to start the new season and wind up in the planned window. While we eagerly await developments, here's a quick look at the events that lead up to the 2020-21 season (via CBS Sports):


September 28

Start of Draft Combine (through early-to-mid November)

October 16-November 16

Teams can begin to conduct in-person interviews with draft prospects 

November 18

2020 NBA Draft

November 20-22

Proposed start of free agency

December 1

Proposed start date to begin training camps for 2020-21 season

December 22

Proposed opening night for 2020-21 season 

It is to be noted the last three dates are yet to be confirmed as the negotiations between the league and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) are still underway. While the league is pressing for a December 22 restart, this would mean training camps would start as early as the first of December. It is possible that a few teams will be keen on getting an even earlier start by assembling the players now that Covid-19 protocols have to be set up and meticulously followed.


Even the opening night for the 2020-21 season is yet to be decided and NBA with the players union came to an agreement that players would receive an eight-week notice, meaning players would get ample time to prep for the new season. Much is still up in the air as the NFL was one of the sports to cancel pre-season games. It is unclear and unlikely if the NBA would follow a similar pattern. A look at some of the player's social media profiles shows they have already hit the ground up and running and putting in some bodywork ahead of another competitive season.


Watch this space as we update all the developments ahead of the new season.

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