When will 'For Life' Season 2 return after the Winter Finale and what can we expect to see when it does?

The 'For Life' Winter Premiere is set to air on January 20, 2021, at its regular time slot

                            When will 'For Life' Season 2 return after the Winter Finale and what can we expect to see when it does?
'For Life' (ABC)

Aaron Wallace's (Nicholas Pinnock) life on the outside has gone spinning out of his control, and the season is only halfway done. Will he ever manage to get his life back on track, and find a way to put his life in prison behind him once and for all? 'For Life' goes on its winter break after the events of the Winter Finale, but don't worry, it won't be long before the show is back on the air.

Aaron Wallace has been juggling a lot – symptoms of PTSD from his time in prison have been manifesting, all while he's trying to make things work with his wife Marie (Joy Bryant), get to know his new grandson AJ, deal with friends and family who abandoned him during his time in prison, continue his job as a lawyer navigating the blurry lines between advocating for larger causes and doing what's best for his clients, and, of course, dealing with his parole officer. Aaron has not been keeping his parole officer happy, and his job as a lawyer dealing with criminals has only made things tougher. The Winter Finale's parole violation risks everything that Aaron has worked so hard for – is it a mistake he can recover from?

Answers will be found when the series returns for the Winter Premiere in the new year. 'For Life' Season 2 returns with new episodes on January 20, 2021, after which another seven episodes are expected to release for a full 13-episode season. So what can we expect when 'For Life' returns? For starters, Aaron is going to have to get his parole situation sorted out. If one small mistake risks him returning to jail mere weeks after his release, how is he going to be able to keep his nose clean for the full three years of his parole?

In the meantime, he still has his job to navigate - figuring out how to focus on the needs of his clients when his boss is all but demanding he throw his clients under the bus to send a larger message for social justice. Of course, besides his new clients, he also has a larger, outstanding case - that of his closest friend in prison, Jamal Bishop (Dorian Crossmond Missick), a case on which he's barely progressed. Lastly, he's going to have to find a way to forgive Marie for having slept with another man while he's in prison - because if he doesn't, that might mean the end of Aaron being able to ever go home to his family again.

'For Life' will return on January 20, 2021, at 10 PM ET, on ABC.

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