When will 'Burden Of Truth' Season 4 return? Here's what to expect from new parents Joanna-Billy in legal drama

When will 'Burden Of Truth' Season 4 return? Here's what to expect from new parents Joanna-Billy in legal drama

After a rather harrowing Season 3 of 'Burden Of Truth', there was much speculation on whether the season would end on a happy note. But stranger things have happened and the season ended on a seemingly blissful note. Good news, the show that focusses on Joanna Henley, a corporate attorney, and has been renewed for Season 4. 

Where we left off 

Kodie Chartrand  (Sera Lys McArthur) won the case and got her children back, Solomon Stone was exposed and Luna Spence (Star Slade) saved the day. Billy Crawford (Peter Mooney) and Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) are the happiest couple and even share a romantic dance. The episode jumped forward in time for us to see a very pregnant Joanna. It ends on a sweet note as she gives her unborn child a little pep talk about the world and promises not to "screw her up". Everyone seems blissful and happy, leaving fans wondering if there would be a Season 4 at all. But there is going to be one.


What we would like to see

Billy and Joanna have become new parents, so there's definitely scope for more story and how it would change them as a couple. It would be interesting to see how this affects their professional lives as well. Mooney told TV Line, "I would like to do more just because I feel like there’s just more story there."

"Both Billy and Joanna have come from difficult situations, and now they’re learning how to navigate their way as their own family, as their own new unit," Mooney added during a post mortem Q&A. "So to see how that extends to them having a child, it is just going to be fascinating, and it’s really exciting. It’s an exciting prospect, looking forward." So there's still a lot left to be explored. 


Apart from that, it is believed that Joanna will take on more trifling cases that just might put her life in danger. We can expect several mystery-filled episodes. 

When will it return?

'Burden of Truth' has been renewed for Season 4 by Canadian broadcaster CBC and is meant to have started production this summer. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, an air date has not been fixed yet. We can expect it by late 2021 or 2022, for that matter.


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