When will 'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 3 release on Starz? Wednesday's lover Demeter will bring new villain

'Ashes and Demons' will center on Bilquis and Wednesday's old love

                            When will 'American Gods' Season 3 Episode 3 release on Starz? Wednesday's lover Demeter will bring new villain
Yetide Badaki as Bilquis in 'American Gods' Season 3 (Starz)

'American Gods' Season 3 is still something that fans are wary of investing in emotionally, so every episode needs to do its best to lure the viewers back after losing them to inefficient writing in Season 2. In this vein, the first two episodes have set a solid context to the war that the Old Gods and the New Gods are getting ready to fight. All this while, the Old Gods had only wanted to hold their old ways dear and close to them, however, at the moment Wednesday (Ian McShane) has found merit in adapting to modern technology. One of the main things that have changed as a result is the way in which Shadow would get in touch with Wednesday.

It is not through phone booths anymore, that is for sure. This time, Wednesday has chosen to use a technologically gifted woman to help him transition and he goes around calling the young woman his fiance. Turns out he helped her pay her debts, student loans and paid her extremely well to keep her by his side. She confessed as much to Wednesday when he had attended the Festival of Koliada in Chicago. While he enjoys the loyalty from his current fiance, the third episode titled 'Ashes and Demons' will see Wednesday try to help an old lover of his.

The official synopsis of the episode reads, "As the search for the missing girl continues, Shadow (Ricky Whittle) dreams of Bilquis (Yetide Badaki), a hint that she too may be in danger. Wednesday discovers the whereabouts of his old love, the Greek goddess Demeter, and resolves to free her from the grip of an unscrupulous antagonist. Meanwhile, an impatient Laura is forced to confront her troubled past in purgatory." The missing girl here is none other than Ashley, who Shadow had been suspected of killing initially as he was the most recent resident to move to Lakeside. 

Ian McShane plays the role of Wednesday aka Odin in 'American Gods' (Getty Images)

What danger the Greek goddess has fallen into and how Odin aka Wednesday manages to even reach out to her while plotting a war against the New Gods is beyond us. This also has us wondering if the villain that Wednesday will face while attempting to help Demeter plays a part in the grand scheme of things. Otherwise, Wednesday is not a selfless man to help someone with no intentions of collecting for the favor that he had made. We are also curious about who will play the new villain in the show.

Then there is also the fact that Bilquis, of all the Gods and humans, that she could have reached out to, tries to ask Shadow's help. She appears in his dream and this comes after she ended up swallowing a man who owned a tech corporation. So how will Shadow be of any help to her? We cannot wait to watch it.

'American Gods' Season 3 episodes will premiere at 12 am every Sunday on the Starz App and will then be broadcast on Starz channel at 8 pm ET.

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