'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 6 sees Hae-won confess her feelings for Eun-seop, but is he interested too?

Hae-won realizes the truth about her feelings after she is forced to confront Oh Yeong-woo's feelings for her. She likes Eun-seop and she tells him the same

                            'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 6 sees Hae-won confess her feelings for Eun-seop, but is he interested too?

'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 6 begins by introducing Hae-won's highschool classmate Oh Yeong-woo. He arrives at Goodnight Book club by mistake instead of the Village Hall and ends up meeting Hae-won after years.

Yeong-woo seems to have been a bully in high school who was also transferred to the town public school from Seoul. Hae-won was initially scared of him, despite meeting him after class in the gym one day, while she gets stuck with after class cleaning duty.

Kids at school learn that Yeong-woo is interested in her and begin to tease the two of them together as high schoolers are known to do.

Hae-won, however, is clueless about all the interest people showed in her at the beginning of her school year in the town.

We also see how Eun-seop hesitation for a minute led to Hae-won spending time with Yeong-woo. While Eun-seop hesitates to help Hae-won while she is struggling with a cycle that had a messed up pedal chain, Yeong-woo quickly uses the opportunity to his advantage. All of this was of course before the kids learned of her mother being imprisoned for killing her father.

The town is abuzz with activities as three local schools that Hae-won and Eun-seop went to will see an all grade reunion take place in celebration of the school's 50th anniversary.

Kim Young-Dae as Oh Yeong-woo in 'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 6 (JTBC)

Yeong-woo's interest in Hae-won hasn't waned over the years and he expresses it by handing Hae-won his phone number. He also tells Hae-won that his feelings for her are still the same and asks her to give him a call if she is interested. However, from the way her face lights up with a smile at being accompanied by Eun-seop, Yeong-woo doesn't seem to be in luck. When Eun-seop learns that Hae-won is returning to Hodu House now that everything is fixed, he pauses, as if this was not something that he had expected to happen.

Meanwhile, the town is gearing up for Hyecheon High School's joint reunion and this causes an influx of people in the town. Youngsters who left to the city for better opportunities and elders who moved away to begin their own families are all coming together on the occasion of the reunion.

What about Hae-won though? She had the worst possible experience at highschool and it doesn't help to have someone such as Bo-yeong cling to her now, wanting to be friends with her despite how she betrayed Hae-won's confidence when they were high school.

How would you feel about meeting people who bullied you many years ago? Would you want to put your best foot forward to show them they had nothing on you or would you not pay them any heed at all? Would you really be interested in walking down such a terrible memory lane? Hae-won seems to be going with the flow though. She arrives at the reunion with Yeong-woo because Eun-seop doesn't seem to be at his place.

 Im Eun-seop in 'When the Weather in Fine' Episode 6 (JTBC)

Once they do arrive at the reunion, Hae-won manages to keep her cool around people who bullied her and she learns that there is a lot about Eun-seop that she was not aware of. She did not even realize that Eun-seop was in the same class as her, or that he missed a lot of classes in 12th grade.

While Yeong-woo tried to woo her, all that she can think about is Eun-seop. Yes, both Hae-won and Yeong-woo have a few things in common but that is not the same as the attraction she feels for Eun-seop. She recalls how Yeong-woo had saved her from becoming an outcast forever and is thankful for it but that doesn't transfer into romantic feelings for her part.

Instead, speaking to Yeong-woo has her realize that he is the one she liked and she even gets the courage to finally confess her feelings to him. But will Eun-seop respond in kind?

New episodes of 'When the Weather is Fine' will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on JTBC. 

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