'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 4 teases Eun-seop's strange connection to the mountains and a secret cabin

'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 4 teases Eun-seop's strange connection to the mountains and a secret cabin
Park Min-young as Hae-won (JTBC)

'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 4 is centered on a young employee from the city hall who goes missing in the mountain forest in Eun-seop (Seo Kang-joon) and Hae-won's (Park Min-young) town. She was on a hiking trip with other colleagues when she went missing and Choi Min Jeong happens to be Joon Woo's colleague. Eun-seop tells his friend that once the sun begins to set, the temperature drop in the mountain would be too harsh for Min Jeong to survive. At the beginning of the episode, we saw how Eun-seop was able to find Hae-won, who got lost in the woods of the mountain which is behind the bookstore.

He told her that he knew the mountains like the back of his hand. So when he heads out in search of her by himself, it is not surprising. What is surprising is Eun-seop's supersensitive hearing that helps him find the location of Min-jeong, and how everyone in the town takes his skills in finding the missing woman for granted. Hae-won finds this attitude unacceptable and asks Eun-seop's sister Hwi why nobody understands that he is not a superhuman and that he is only a human who can also be hurt.

A still of Seo Kang-joon as Eun-seop (JTBC)

Hae-won also recalls how Hwi had called him a wild animal in the past. She begins to wonder about this otherworldly connection that Eun-seop has with the mountains. This incident combined with Eun-seop's obsession with the cabin in the woods has us intrigued about who Eun-seop really is and what drives him to take a walk in the mountains after nightfall.

The episode also draws a comparison between the families of Eun-seop and Hae-won. She says she is jealous of Eun-seop because his family is warm, but hers, on the other hand, feels like a freezer drawer. While both of them seem to be grappling with the feeling of loneliness, Eun-seop has the support of his loving family while Hae-won has to deal with everything by herself.

Hae-won's interest in Eun-seop has also increased over the period, which is expressed in tiny ways. Her worry when he enters the mountain alone, her jealousy when another woman wants to meet him and the care that she shows in tucking him in for a good night's sleep is all an indication of this relationship moving towards romance. Just when we expect it to progress without a hitch, we see Hae-won's mother Myeong-ju also end up visiting their hometown.

What is really intriguing about the show is the way it brings together different people of different ages and gender for a book club. The different things that the members discuss are expected to warm your heart on a cold winter night and the warmth is something that one can feel through different poems and tales that the club discusses. It spans different themes such as love, loneliness and abandonment among other things, and all of it is sent in winter.

New episodes of 'When the Weather is Fine' will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on JTBC.

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