'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 10 paints different kinds of trauma, crushing loneliness being the biggest

'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 10 portrays the trauma of three main characters -- Im Eun-seop, Mok Hae-won and Myeong-ju

                            'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 10 paints different kinds of trauma, crushing loneliness being the biggest

'When the Weather is Fine' Episode 10 sees Eun Seop's uncle visit the village and ask around for Eun-seop's (Seo kang-joon) father and this results in the village gossiping about Eun-seop and his father. The village thinks that this man is Eun-seop's father which results in harsher gossip around the village about Eun-seop.

Just when things were looking better for Eun-seop, and he has glimpsed at happiness finally through Hae-won (Park Min-young), he now has an uncle ordering him around, telling him to accompany him somewhere far. Eun-seop is emotionally manipulated and blackmailed because this man is the "only real family that Eun-seop has left". It seems that this man was also the reason that Eun-seop had been pilfered out of money as well. So his family, especially Hwi, his sister, is worried that the manipulation will continue and that he won't return this time around.

The trauma is being pulled on different sides by his biological family, and his adoptive family is something that Eun-seop has dealt with all this while and he will continue to do so. He doesn't have anyone to confide his fears in and this fear is the root cause of all his problems including his hesitation about beginning a relationship with Hae-won. When Eun-seop deals with this uncle, he decides not to leave Hechyeon or his adopted family and returns, he realizes how much his parents and his sister love him and the amount of trust that they have in him.

A still of Eun-seop with his uncle in 'When the Weather is Fine' episode 10. (JTBC)

One of the conversations that Eun-seop has with his uncle is about how their family was meant to see members live their lives out alone. Eun-seop father was alone until his death, so was his mother, so his uncle believes that Eun-seop and he are also meant to live their lives out in a similar fashion. Eun-seop's uncle has bought a building in Gangneung, near the sea where Eun-seop could possibly open his bookstore and he tells Eun-seop that it is time for him to live with his "real" family now. After all, he has spent enough time with the other family, says the uncle. However, Eun-seop has now come to understand how much his family loves him and to see the truth of it when he returned, is what really begins to heal him and put his worries to rest. 

Hae-won, on the other hand, finds her fear of being abandoned surface again. After her mother was imprisoned for killing her father, after she fought with the heavy weight of loneliness in Seoul with no one to support her, it took a lot of effort for her to move on from the wounds that were inflicted on her soul. All of this comes rushing back, just for a moment, when she faces the uncertainty of Eun-seop's return. Her smile when she sees Eun-seop arrive at the bookstore explains how much she has come to depend on him. 

A still of Eun-seop and Hae-won in 'When the Weather is Fine'. (JTBC)

For the first time since her return to Hyecheon from Seoul, this episode marks the first time that she picks her cello up again. In one of the initial scenes of the episode, Hae-won is watching a performance video and she imitates the cello player as she watches the orchestra play and Eun-seop sees this, and he sees her glowing with excitement. Something that had been missing in her for a while, because cello reminded her of all the insults and hurt that she faced as an instructor. In Eun-seop's company, Hae-won has begun to face her trauma and heal a little by little as well. 

Finally, we also learn more about Hae-won's aunt Myeong-ju. It seems she was somehow connected to Hae-won's father's death, but we are not sure necessarily how this has happened. We also see the reason why she has her glasses on all the time, and that is to hide a deep passion that she holds within herself. Her eyes seem to be damaged somehow and her story holds more pieces of the puzzle that makes up Hae-won's past. Will Myeon-ju find solace too? 

New episodes of 'When the Weather is Fine' will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on JTBC. 

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