'When the Weather is Fine' episode 11: Park Min-young, Seo Kang-joon's characters are in love, but tragedy awaits

'When the Weather is Fine' episode 11 sees Park Min-young's Hae-won and Seo Kang-joon's Eun-seop accept that they are in love but not all roads in this story lead to a happy ending

                            'When the Weather is Fine' episode 11: Park Min-young, Seo Kang-joon's characters are in love, but tragedy awaits
Park Min-young and Kang Seo-jun (JTBC)

'When the Weather is Fine' episode 11 shows a bit of the lives of everyone we have met on the show so far. It starts with Myeong-yu, who visits her friend from school after hearing about her medical condition. They haven't met in the while and it turns out the friend has terminal cancer. So when Myeong-yu meets her friends, she doesn't know how to comfort her about her impending death and ends up revealing her own tragic condition. 

As a writer, not being able to see would be the biggest punishment, and Myeong-yu is on her way to becoming completely blind. Her eye condition is glaucoma, which renders one blind due to extenuating pressure on the nerves that connect one's brain and eyes. This also explains why Myeong-yu decided to sign another contract to publish a book because, with her failing vision, she might be going completely blind soon. 

A still of Myeong-yu in 'When the Weather is Fine' episode 11. (JTBC)

Just when we begin to think that this could be the reason why she parted with Yun Tak, her lover of 20 years who she broke up with over a text, we also learn another shocking fact. Myeong-yu was a witness to her sister suffering at the hands of her husband. Domestic abuse is something she did not condone in the past and can't stand now, but with her sister, she was unable to stop it. Turns out, her terminally ill friend is also being abused, and this brings back traumatic memories for Myeong-yu. 

We learn that Myeong-yu had interrupted her sister Myeong-ju's husband from hitting his wife. As a punishment, the man tries to hurt Myeong-yu as well but is unsuccessful as Myeong-ju is able to summon enough strength to push him away and the two sisters run out of the home with the car keys.

This is right before Myeong-ju's husband is killed by being run over by a car, which the wife stated in court was her doing. But Myeong-yu in her book states that it is was not Hae-won's mother who had driven the car but her. Is she lying for the book as Yun Tak, her editor and former lover, had stated or is she telling the truth? 

Yun Tak had promised that he wouldn't question Myeong-yu's progress or give her undue attention and make her uncomfortable, but he is also waiting to know the answer to a very important question. Why did she break up with him?

A still of Hae-won and Eun-seop in 'When the Weather is Fine'. (JTBC)

While this happens, Hae-won and Eun-seop learn more about each other and in an interesting turn of events, the two even confess to loving each other. This is not just dating, or flirting anymore, but a proper relationship. For Hae-won everything goes great and she is so excited that when they are at the bookstore, she simply states that she wants to sleep with him. This, of course, shocks Eun-seop who is shy by nature - enough to drop everything in his hands. Sure, they have a great romantic time, but just not in the presence of strangers. 

Now, this doesn't mean that the couple is on the road to becoming better lovers as they have problems to face first. First of them being Hae-won learning the truth about her father's death, second is Eun-seop learning how his classmate from school, whom Hae-won hates, is still interested in him.

Kim Bo Young did not just appear to make Hae-won her friend again, but also to seduce Eun-seop. This technique actually works and she is surprised. Will Eun-seop manage to get out of this mess in the making before it is too late? The tragedy could strike any minute and we cannot wait to see how Eun-seop and Hae-won handle this and move forward.

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