When will ‘The Rookie’ Season 3 return? Here's what Nick Armstrong’s betrayal to John Nolan can lead to

The Season 2 finale had Nolan finding himself in great danger after being betrayed by his detective friend who was likely an informant for the Armenian mob

                            When will ‘The Rookie’ Season 3 return? Here's what Nick Armstrong’s betrayal to John Nolan can lead to
(The Rookie Official/Twitter)

If you have a craze for cop dramas and thrillers then you must be waiting for ABC show ‘The Rookie’. For fans of the show, there is a glimmer of hope as several media reports suggest the show might return soon. The news of the show's return has also been posted by The Rooki’s official handle on Twitter. 


If you are wondering whether to watch the show for the first time, then that’s also a good decision. The show is a walking life crisis following John Nolan, a 45-year-old rookie of the Los Angeles Police Department. He has a difficult time chasing his dream to become a rookie and having even tough moments while keeping up with the young cops and the criminals. The series stars Nathan Fillion played by John Nolan, Harold Perrineau played by Nick Armstrong, Richard T. Jones played by Wade Grey, Melissa O’ Neil played by Lucy Chen amongst the main cast. 

Where we left off

The Season 2 finale episode of ‘The Rookie’ had Nolan (Nathan Fillion) finding himself in his greatest danger. After realizing that his mentor and friend Detective Nick Armstrong (Harold Perrineau) was likely an informant for the Armenian mob, he embarks to prove it. However, there’s more drama! Armstrong stayed one step ahead of Nolan, planting and damning evidence against himself in Nolan’s home to frame him. This brings Nolan in hot waters as the show closes with a cliffhanger making us question how he will cope with the situation. 

What we'd like to see

The biggest revelation we all are waiting for is will Nick Armstrong return in the next season after betraying Nolan? Also, why he went against him is also a pertinent question on our minds. Further, it will be worth a  watch if there is any other side of the story explaining Armstrong’s apparent betrayal. The series creator Alexi Hawley confirmed that Armstrong will be returning in Season 3 with more to tell. “Yes. That has always been the plan. It's really a three-parter. The two-part season finale, but the third part is 301. He would come back to tell the other side of that story, the cliffhanger and everything." This has taken the excitement several notches higher as there would be a lot to look up to!

What we can expect more is to see how Nolan’s bond with mentors is going to change after the betrayal. “This will shake him to his core, that somebody that he truly cared about betrayed him and what he thought they both believed in. But can he still come out of it feeling like people deserve the benefit of the doubt and all that kind of stuff? That's going to be his struggle in season 3. Just how do I retain my values and my worldview when they've been shaken to the core?” told Hawley on Nolan’s character in the upcoming season. 

When is it returning

It is still not yet confirmed when season 3 of ‘The Rookie’ will be released. However, some reports say that the show might be slated for a 2021 release on ABC. 

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