'When Skin Goes Wrong': Dr Natalia has a 'bloody procedure' as she removes huge lipoma from Shaneef's back

Shaneef comes to get the lipoma that he has had for nearly 11 years removed from his back

                            'When Skin Goes Wrong': Dr Natalia has a 'bloody procedure' as she removes huge lipoma from Shaneef's back
Shaneef (TLC)

Shaneef has been struggling with a lipoma on his back for nearly 11 years. The first time he noticed the lipoma was while he was taking a shower. However, at that time, the lipoma was very small in size. With time, the lipoma has been growing larger, and it is slowly taking over his life. Speaking to the camera, Shaneef admitted there were times when he did not feel good about his lipoma as there were many people who would stare at him because of it. He recalled passing by a couple who pointed fingers at his lipoma and hinted he should not be out with that lump on his shoulder.

At the same time, Shaneef has had a hard time picking up clothes for himself as he wanted to wear something that could hide the lump. He admitted that having the lipoma removed will allow him to start a new chapter in his life. To make this possible, Shaneef met Dr Natalia. She was shocked to see the lump and thought it was one of the biggest she had ever seen.

At first, Dr Natalia moved the lump around just to ensure it was not connected to any muscles or veins. Once she understood that it existed by itself and was just a big chunk of fat, she decided to start the procedure to remove it. Dr Natalia started by making an insertion on the lipoma. She then tried to free the fat from the sides to make sure it comes out easily. She was shocked to find out that the lipoma was deep into the skin. Dr Natalia knew that it was necessary to cut the edges properly as there were some important veins. At this point, she confessed that the session had turned into a "bloody procedure."

After carefully cutting all the parts, Dr Natalia removed the lipoma. She admitted it looked like a heart and would weigh around 300-400 grams. Shaneef was shocked to see how the lipoma looked. He asked if he could take a picture of it as the lipoma had been a part of him for so long. Once Dr Natalia successfully got the lipoma out, he admitted it would be possible for him to live a normal life.

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