'When I was the Most Beautiful' Episode 8: Jin is alive but away from Ye-ji, Hwan is mad as he waited 7 years

'When I was the Most Beautiful' Episode 8 shows how Jin had been alive, but not feeling too good about himself because of which he had stayed away from his family and his wife Ye-ji

                            'When I was the Most Beautiful' Episode 8: Jin is alive but away from Ye-ji, Hwan is mad as he waited 7 years
Ji Soo (MBC)

'When I was the Most Beautiful' Episode 8 brings a shocking twist to Hwan, Jin and Ye-ji's story. When he was a teenager, Hwan had given up on his love for Ye-ji because he had believed that his brother Jin and Ye-ji would be good together. However, after his brother met with an accident during one of his races abroad, he had gone missing and almost everyone had assumed that he was dead. This included Jin's father too, however, it was Jin's mother and Ye-ji who had believed that he would return to them. Ye-ji believes in the promise that Jin had made to her and turns out, she was right. 

Jin has been in Korea for a while, and from what Jin's father reveals, it looks like he did not return to his family because things were too difficult for him. What Hwan doesn't understand is how it was even possible for someone to not only stay away from family they loved for seven years, but make them go through hell, make them wonder if he was even alive. This anger seems to fuel his need to get Ye-ji freed from the hell that she has been living in the past seven years. 

Ye-ji too learns that her husband is alive but he doesn't want to see her, so all Hwan wants her to do is leave all of this behind and begin a new life. In the previous episode, when Hwan had tried to get close to Ye-ji three years ago, he had been put in his place and Ye-ji even cut contact with him completely. However, this time around, he had returned to Korea as a designer and wants to chase Ye-ji away from the family that had given nothing but unhappy memories. 

In the promo, however, it seems that Hwan has given up on getting Ye-ji to leave of her own accord to in frustration, she is told to just leave without worrying about the family. Hwan tells her that he doesn't intend on asking her to be his woman and neither does he intend on being her man. All that he wants, Hwan explains, is for Ye-ji to be happier again. He hasn't seen her happy since his brother's accident and he wishes that she would just give up on everything that makes her sad. Ye-ji tells Hwan that she doesn't want him to ruin his future having to take care of her, but he tells her that for her, he wouldn't mind ruining his life. In fact, he wants to do so just to prove to her that he is not the same teenager that Ye-ji had met seven years ago. So between Jin and Hwan, how will Ye-ji's life pan out?

'When I was Most Beautiful' will air on MBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.30 pm KST. It will be available on Viu outside South Korea.

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