'When I was the Most Beautiful' Episode 12 Promo: Jin gets insecure about Hwan and Ye-ji's close relationship

Hwan and Ye-ji might have been out of contact for four years however the relationship between the two is still as close as when the two were teacher and student

                            'When I was the Most Beautiful' Episode 12 Promo: Jin gets insecure about Hwan and Ye-ji's close relationship
Ji Soo and Ha Seok-jin (MBC)

'When I was the Most Beautiful' Episode 12 promo is out and it sees Jin react in a volatile manner to Hwan (Ji Soo) and Ye-ji's (Lim Soo-hyang) close relationship. Things that Jin had managed to bury in the past because he was confident of himself and the way Ye-ji had felt about him because he was an adult while his brother who was also interested in Ye-ji, was a child. However, now things have changed. Jin is insecure about his disability caused by an accident. He has returned to live with his family after seven years of hiding. 

He was scared of how his family would treat him as a person with a disability and now that he is back, Jin is being affected by things that had never bothered him earlier. As soon as Hwan had heard that his brother was alive, any hopes he had had of being together with Ye-ji has brushed aside and he had said so to Ye-ji as well. However, now, with all of Jin's insecurity surfacing in the form of toxic jealousy, Hwan's close to changing his mind about not pursuing Ye-ji seriously anymore. 

Jin had first confronted Hwan about his relationship with Ye-ji and even claimed that Hwan hated the fact that Ye-ji chose Jin. Jin also gathered both Ye-ji and Hwan as if he was going to clear the air between them regarding the scandal that had broken online about Hwan and Ye-ji. However, he ends up asking Hwan and Ye-ji if they slept together when he was not around and he also asks Ye-ji if Hwan was the one to protect her when he was not around. Of course, Jin is not aware of how much Hwan had gone through after his brother's accident and the kind of toll that it took on him, to rush to every scene where an Asian man's dead body was found. Just going through one report had broken Ye-ji's heart, however, Hwan was forced to hunt for his brother for years. 

Jin is also moved completely at the moment by the fear that his wife might not have waited for him after all. He had told her in the beginning that he trusted her to wait for him, and that is what really gave him hope to continue to get treatment. He wanted to be cured of his condition before he returned, however, that took longer than expected. What is even worse is the fact that Jin had taken his ex-girlfriend's help to get a fake id and means to survive and get his treatment for the past seven years, but ironically though, it is Ye-ji he doubts. How will Hwan, Jin and Ye-ji deal with the latest conflict in their relationship? 

'When I was Most Beautiful' will air on MBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.30 pm KST. It will be available on Viu outside South Korea.

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