Tory Lanez, DaBaby and Lil Wayne appear on Jack Harlow's 'What's Poppin' video, fans say 'not a single bad bar'

There was plenty of jokes being cracked at Tory Lanez's expense, but fans were also praising him for his 'breathless' verse

                            Tory Lanez, DaBaby and Lil Wayne appear on Jack Harlow's 'What's Poppin' video, fans say 'not a single bad bar'
'What's Poppin' by Jack Harlow (WMG/Atlantic Records)

Three weeks ago, Jack Harlow gifted us all with a new remix of his song 'What's Poppin', which featured some incredible hip-hop talent in Tory Lanez, DaBaby and Lil Wayne as the guest features. And now we've got a brand new music video that just dropped for the song, featuring those same rap stars as they play to the camera while defying the laws of physics among some 360-degree rotating sets, dazzling strobe lights and plenty of hot dancers dressed in leather.

The original 'What's Poppin' track by Jack Harlow first dropped earlier this year on January 21 as a single from his Sweet Action EP by Generation Now and Atlantic Records. Although it cracked the Top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100 when it first dropped, the impressive star power on the 'What's Poppin' remix, which dropped on June 24, made the track climb all the way to No 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier this month. You can check out the Eif Rivera-directed music video here below, which was produced by Omar Reynoso and ERG Designs. 



In a recent Young Money Radio conversation with Lil Wayne, Harlow expressed his gratitude to Lil Tunechi for appearing on the song's remix, after Lil Wayne said he taken notice of Harlow's music about two years ago. "Thanks for being a part of it, bro, that's a big notch on my bucket list man," Harlow gushed, while also noting that the song was doing really well commercially - "[It's] going hard and it's gonna keep going hard now."

Fans were certainly praising the song and music video's merits, with one viewer observing, "Everyone had such a fire verse I can't even decide who did the best." Another admirer stated, "There isn’t a single bad bar in this song. They all killed the beat." 

Considering the music video has dropped in the wake of Lanez's inexplicable run-in with the law, where he allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot after leaving a pool party in an SUV last week, fans were cracking plenty of jokes at Lanez's expense in the comments section. 



One joke went, "Tory Lanez's manager: “We start shooting tomorrow for the video.” Tory Lanez: “You said shoot who in the foot at the party?” Another viewer commented, "Let’s be honest we all came here to see how short Tory is."

However's Lanez's ridiculously good verse was also being praised by fans, as they declared, "We need an official video of Tory recording his verse cuz goddamn he doesn’t breathe." Another admirer said, "He repped Canada like it’s the hoodest region on earth."

Lanez's efforts were also being appreciated by Lil Wayne and Harlow too, as they talked about the song. "I ain't gon' front, Tory went crazy," Lil Wayne said. Harlow also agreed, saying "Yeah, his verse was hard." Lil Wayne also remarked, "I don't wanna say I had any expectations, but I guess, I know Tory. I know the look he be wanting and I know sometimes he don't get that look from everybody. He don't get that ear from everybody. So when he get a good look and he get a good ear, I love that for him."      

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